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1961 Hayes HD Truck cold start


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An old survivingHayes truck from the 60's with a cummins getting started up after sitting a long time.Good cold start..

Com: Sackitt16 : I hope this old work horse doesn't end up restored into a useless showpiece.

I say fix it up, put a twin turbo from PDI on that engine and let it do what it was born to do.....

hauling loads and blowing the doors off every volvo in sight!!!

Com: Richard : I think Hayes was a mixture of truck parts from different manufacturers I drove a cab over one that essentially was a cross between a Brock way and a Mack Those conventional cabs look like a mix of a Brockway cab and front end from an Autocar.

Com: K.r.v : Ok that’s really a cool old tractor. But come on! Yea it’s a cold start alright! Might have been parked there a few days ago, but no very long!

I’ve been around trucks long enough to know it that had sat for any real length of time,

the air hoses would have dried up a long time ago, the rubber diaphragms in the air cans would have dried up not all that long ago. To be able to start is one thing.

But to be able to build up air pressure, release rusty slack adjusters and roll under power is a whole other matter!


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