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Amazing Modern Agriculture Farming Equipment and Sexy Girl Lady Drive Tractor Mega Machines


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You will see that you know the right lines in driving the car leads to errors. In any factor that causes the accident, you make 16 decisions in 1 s, what can I do at that time? When you think in the form, you are not sure of the sudden decisions that come to your mind, and you do not try the reaction of the car, it is a great chance to get rid of such a situation without accident. This one-second time is the only correct, you will evaluate the right to create the reflex. You will carry what you have learned with you throughout your life.

Experience in Skidcar Safe and Defensive driving techniques with 9 hours of training:

- Steering control
- Perception of risks in non-technical driving, continuous use of driving techniques in traffic
- Perception based on traffic
-To teach drivers safe and defensive driving techniques
- Speed ​​control according to reactions
-Using accident prevention factors continuously
-The latest solutions to survive in accidents
- Reading the traffic
- Measures against sudden, unexpected situations in traffic
- techniques to be made in non-control skidding
-Limit over the vehicle to provide control
- Keep your vehicle out of control, which blood pressure to stay
-The safety of the errors and consequences of the traffic until you try to create a reflex repeatedly without accident
make the participant live
-To test and develop personal driving skills
-To apply techniques that can prevent fatal, injured and material damaged accidents.
-To ensure the correct use of advanced vehicle technologies for the driver
-We can not try, we hear from others, we think the right to live the wrong

In our theoretical and practical trainings, drivers are taught how to drive more safely and defensive / safe driving techniques are explained to prevent accidents.

Participants who are successful at the end of the training are given a certificate of participation.

1. Defensive driving techniques (Theoretical)
2. Skidcar (Practice)
3. Assessment test

1. Traffic in our country
2. What is defensive driving?
3. Weather and road conditions
4. Uncontrolled factors (other drivers, pedestrians, etc.)
5. Accident prevention formula
6. To realize risk, defense, timely correct response
7. Rule factor in danger (Accurate analysis, slowed driving)
8. Skillful driver
9. Speed ​​blindness and tunnel vision
10. Use of advanced mirrors
11. Types of Slippery Soils
12. Traffic accidents in our country
13. 3 stages of collision
14. Seat belt and airbag
15. Seat belt secures
16. Seat belt and airbag, prevents stroke
17. Seat belt and airbag reduce fatal accidents by 70%
18.Safety belt and airbag are fatal if misused
19. What is ABS?
20. What is ESP?
21. Driver errors in traffic accidents
22. Tracking distance
23. Stopping distances
24. Night driving
25. Alcohol and drugs
26. Insomnia and fatigue
27. Silhouette
28. Tires
29. Importance of tire pressure
30. Aquaplaning
31. Accident scenarios
32. Weight center
33. Mass weight
34. Weight transfer
35. Effects of weight transfer on driving
36. Front and rear skidding

1. Take-off and acceleration on slippery surfaces
2. Braking on dry and slippery surfaces
3. Obstacle avoidance and braking
4. Reduce braking distance to minimum thanks to panic brake
5. Braking on slippery bends
6. Sliding in the bend, front
7. Bend at the bend
8. Reasons for rolling over
9. Correction of weight transfer fluctuation
10. Loss of control caused by hard steering
11. Effects of brake when cornering
12. Lifting the Vehicle to Two Wheels
13. Slalom

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