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Bernard D4 engine


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Combined fuel and air quantities in the combustion chamber should be optimal. If there is more or less air in the combustion chamber than necessary, the combustion process will be disrupted. In such a case, the fuel will not be able to complete the required combustion reactions. Therefore, losses in the yields are experienced and serious environmental pollution is caused.

How much power is required for the amount of air fuel to be burned without enlarging the engine size, the more fuel must be sprayed and the air supplied to the combustion chamber at the appropriate rate. So if you're trying to get big powers from small-volume engines, you need to spray more fuel into your engine and provide more air to burn that fuel.

What is Turbo?
Turbos provide atmospheric pressure to our vehicles. When comparing engines of the same volume, vehicles without turbo produce less power and consume less fuel. Vehicles with turbo reach more power, but use more fuel to provide this power.

What is the duty of turbo?
The task of the turbo is to allow more air to be introduced into the combustion chamber. Obtaining air above atmospheric pressure also requires energy. Turbos obtain this energy from the temperature and pressure of the exhaust gas exiting the engine. In this way, the energy that is about to be discharged from the motor is re-used and the motor efficiency is increased as the inert energy is re-used.

Efficient operation of turbo engines is very important because if an engine designed to operate with a turbo has to work with an inefficient turbo, this will increase the amount of fuel and reduce the amount of air used. In this way, a combustion that will occur in the engine will cause the vehicle to be unable to provide the required energy. It is also one of the most effective elements in using quality fuel to get the efficiency you want from your car's engine.

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