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BMX grading beam


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How should the soil be sown?
A warm summer evening ...
You came home tired. You don't have to talk to anyone, you want to wear a comfortable outfit and want to take care of your garden and water your lawn. Because you need that smell, coolness, barefoot wet grass.
Everyone who has a garden and interested has made this a life style. But we have news for you. Unfortunately, it is not possible to experience this therapy without well-kept lawns in your garden. For everyone who has a garden and little knowledge of sowing grass, we have set this week as "grass" in order to keep this beautiful feeling alive.

I planted the grass, so what's next?
"Okay, I went and bought the grass seed and planted it in the ground. Let's water it every day and take our grass out in a week or ten days."

Sorry these words are not enough to have a healthy garden. Before planting grass you need to know the status of your garden and take care of it. Now let's take a look at what you have to do step by step.

Know Your Own Land
First determine the area you plan to germinate in your garden. The next stage is the quality of the soil of your garden. It is very important for the grass to have a certain quality of soil. Grass, air, water and nutrients necessary to live from the soil. But in most areas soils are not suitable for growing grass. Some are very clayey, some are very tight, some are very sandy. If you try to grow grass in these three negative environments, the grass roots will not get enough air and water from the soil, so your lawn pleasure will remain on your crop in a short time.

Measure the pH of your soil!
In the meantime, another important element for the lawn is the soil ph value. If this value is too low or too high, the result will still be frustrating. The depth of the soil is also very important for grass. Your soil should be at least 10-15 cm deep so that your lawn can be resistant to disease, thirst and other negative factors. If your soil is insufficient, you should provide additional soil.




According to the above, we see that the soil is a very important factor for having a beautiful lawn. After learning the importance of soil, it is time to create the necessary soil for our lawn.

What you need to do to have the right soil
Clean the area you plan to germinate from all debris (stone, rock, wood, bush, etc.) buried or on the ground.
You need to prevent the drainage problem that may cause water to collect at a certain point during irrigation. For this you can fill the remaining places in the pit if you have space.
Hoeing. Don't think, "Where the hell did this work now?" You should definitely hoe your soil. You should do at least 15-20 cm depth. It is very important. This hoeing process fuses the top and bottom layers of your soil with each other. You're airing your land. In addition, with this process from the bottom of your soil to clean up unnecessary debris. If your garden is small you can do hoeing with simple hoeing tools. For medium and large gardens, you can benefit from petrol or diesel hoeing machines.
To find out the ph value of your soil, you need to perform soil analysis. Experts do it. The pH value of your soil is ideal. As this ratio decreases, the acidic property of your soil increases. This is very harmful for most plants. How do you do it? It is enough to take 4-5 cm soil slices from certain places in your area where the grass will be planted, put them in separate bags and take them to the nearest soil analysis laboratory. Experts will look at your soil and tell you the substances you need to add to your soil according to the ph value.
Yes, you cleared the soil, hoe, the ph value of the desired setting, also have the look. Smooth your soil with a fine leveling.
Finally, if you have a heavy roller compact your soil. Straighten with a rake and water for a few days.
Yes, our land is ready for grass plantation. What about now?

How is grass cultivation done?

How to Care for Lawn?

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