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Bucyrus-Erie Steam Shovel Rollag


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COM: Bucyrus Erie Steam Shovel and International Harvester tracklayer with Bucyrus blade and cable control unit at Western Minnesota Steam Threshermans Reunion, Rollag, Minnesota, 2014.
Mike Mulligan had a steam shove, A beautiful steam shovel. Her name was Mary Anne. Mike Mulligan was very proud of Mary Anne. He always said that she can dig as much in a day as a hundred man can dig in a week. But he never been quite sure that this was true. When people stopped to watch him, Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne used to dig a little faster and a little better. The moment people stopped, the faster and more better they dug. Somedays, they would keep as many as 30 trucks busy taking away they dirt they dug.
Just love these old ladies. No fancy tin work, no superfluous styling or sophistry - just big, basic and rugged, to get the job done. To answer Frank Simba, there's a very big gear fixed on the base, surrounding the shaft which carries the upper-works. A smaller cog, driven by a vertical shaft from the engine, engages with it to rotate (or 'slew') the cab, jib and boom. As simple, and well night indestructible as that.

Amazing old technology.  And to imagine, back in the day that was the top we had in technology.  Imagine what life will be like in 150 years from now when equipment is run off fuel cells combined with advanced batteries, we will wonder how on earth did we use devices that had fuel exploding hundreds of times a second in cylinders (gasoline engines).  Our technology today will seem as weird as the technology of 100 years ago seems weird to us today.

 This old girl would be steam electric right can any one shed some lite on this very nice working old girl and we still got the job done might have taken longer but you know what they say time is money ?I drove an old Mack in an old drag line and i dont know how many times he broke the steel rope when he would through the bucket out into the water to drag up more gravel ?






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