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Caterpillar 666 Scraper


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Self loading a triple six, I filmed this in 1997 we were trying to figure out how to keep the trash off the radiator hence the cool plywood, I have fond memories of this monster, like the time I was arrested at gun point for roading it during frost law, Bought it at auction for $30,000 in 1981 -82 in CA Sold it about 8 years ago for $10,000 the tractor was a 64H216 and the can a 20G198 with the 9 speed transmissions 18.00X25 fronts 37.5x39 tractor rears and 37.5x51 52 ply scraper tires. This thing hauled ass it would go almost 45mph


Those radiator guards were punched out on a 900 to 1000 ton brake press it would sound like someone broke a thousand piggy banks every cycle and the floor would rumble each downstroke when the dies hit the bed. These lines were hand fed not automatic, and two people , one on each side to activate the press and move the product... cycle time was like 45 seconds per piece. There were at least 12 brake presses in building LL in East Peoria alone. They had to drive pylons down to 150 feet before they hit bedrock to stabilise the machine floor because the building was built on old reclaimed swamp ground. Thanks for the upload. This looks pretty large when seen alongside order things like fences and normal vehicles.What was happening, was it clearing the sod and top soil ready for building, something we do every time if there is more than a couple of houses.Oh BTW, I am born and bred in the UK, near London actually, just to let you know I on the edge of London England used to work on building sites, all relatively small compared to what this appears to be, the larger was around 20 acres for 400 homes. So if you or it is clearing the sod etc, it is a universal method of building whether it is homes factories or roads.   ;-)Take caremrbluenun



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