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CORN Hoe Fighting Weed John Deere


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Hoeing in Plants:

It is made for the purpose of ventilating the soil which is stuck as a result of human and machine pressure, facilitating the penetration of water into the soil, cleaning the weeds, bringing the top soil into crumb structure and especially breaking the cream layer formed in clay soils and so on.

It is the process carried out with special ventilation devices to increase the decreasing microorganism activities of these compacted soils, to be able to process the water and chemical fertilizers to the soil without loss, to provide the necessary ventilation of the roots with reduced air intake.
Hoeing can be done with hand hoes and similar tools in park and garden areas.

Hoeing is an important part of the work to be done after planting. Hoeing is done either by machines or by manpower according to the size of the plant, the type of plant grown, the distance between the rows and the cultivation style. For anchoring, a diameter of 2-5-10-25 cm can be made.

The benefits of hoeing are

1-Loosens the surface of the soil to ensure the aeration of the soil.
2-It protects the soil moisture by keeping the soil crumbled.
3-The cream layer formed after irrigation and rain is broken.
4-Weed control

During this process, care is taken not to damage the plant roots.
Hoeing is usually done with a hoeing machine or similar tools.
Hoeing on trees After planting trees, hoeing is done.
Trees need more hoeing when they are first planted. Trees do not need much hoeing after releasing their roots to the soil in which they are planted.
The amount of hoeing varies depending on where the trees are planted, plant type, soil structure, and age of the plant.
Hoeing is done between March and December.

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