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Crazy Russians crossing the river with excavators


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Hail rains, which we encountered in our country last year and which caused great damage to the vehicles, caused a great financial damage. Due to the bad experience, "Does it rain full?" we are faced with the concern. Especially; The fact that the precipitation in the season passes is full, has increased the concerns of the vehicle owners even more. Weather bulletins now warn you when there will be heavy hail. Those who are in traffic with the vehicle frequently check the weather on the radio during the day. In this article, we will share a few suggestions for your car that you can get against hail.
We are in a period when we consider that the weather can change suddenly. So much so that; While the sun shines on one side of the city, heavy rain can occur on the other. In big cities like Istanbul, differences can be seen even among the districts. So tracking the weather while in traffic is now a normal need for all of us. With only radios that offer weather or mobile phone applications that provide instant weather forecast, you can be informed about what you can encounter during the day. In this way, you can make your program in line with this information.
Prefer Closed Areas
On days with full risk, take care not to use your vehicle that day and to park in closed parking lots. In such cases, do not think about the service fee you will give to the parking lot. Because; When you leave your vehicle open while you are at the meeting, the amount that will come out of your pocket may be higher. If you are caught in traffic, you can take refuge in the nearest gas station or parking garages of shopping centers.
If There Is No Parking Garage Solution: Car Tarpaulin
If there is no parking garage where you live, you can buy a tarpaulin that protects your car from hail. Thus, you can protect your vehicle from hail damage in any hail.
Well Known Wrong: Covering the Vehicle with Carpet or Cardboard
One of the first things that come to mind in hail vehicle protection methods is to lay the carpets in your home on the vehicle or to cover your vehicle with cardboard. Such methods may not protect you from hail damage in the long run, as it is unclear exactly where and when the hail precipitation will occur. During the hail, hard and coarse grains can cause serious collapses or broken windows in the body of your vehicle. Therefore, although covering with carpet or cardboard may seem like a logical solution at first, it is not a reliable method since it is not known from which side and at what speed the filled parts will come. The windows of vehicles caught from an angle opposite to the precipitation can be broken or the wind that comes with hail can blow the cartons on the vehicle.

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