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Dangerous Machine Destroys Everything in The World, Crusher Motorcycle And Bike Shredding


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So how is this recycling process? Tutun From the construction and construction sites to thousands of kinds of heavy industry branches, old items thrown in houses collected from many different places, scrap, after reaching the relevant recycling facility, what stages do they go through?

If we take the scrap iron conversion into steps, it generally takes place as follows:

1) Metal-based materials are first brought to the facility for recycling by collection or donation. Although it is quite easy to distinguish iron-based metals from others; In the case of non-ferrous metals, there is also the possibility of an iron containing substance to be detected with the help of magnets.

2) In order to recover the recovered scrap iron, it is necessary to cast it in suitable molds. For this, the scrap must be made into a liquid-melt suitable for melting and pouring. Scrap of different shapes and sizes; This stage is completed by melting in basic Oxygen furnaces, electric arc or induction furnaces according to the facilities and necessities in the plant.

3) Now it is time to solidify this molten iron by suitable molding and make the products suitable for placing on the market. This stage is made according to standard casting and molding procedures and recycling of scrap iron is completed and a happy ending is realized.

Why iron recycling is a more familiar and more important area

The adjective yanlış more important ın should not be misunderstood. Of course, equal attention should be paid to all materials that have the potential to harm nature and which help to save money. But considering the dominance of iron and other metal types in industry and industrial areas; it will not be difficult to predict that the savings and revenue will be greater in recycling per unit. That's why scrap iron; has always been an important ingredient for the recycling industry.

Another important point is that iron has simpler and clearer recycling steps than most materials such as paper, plastic, aluminum. As you know, the recovery of chemical substances such as plastics and batteries is more tedious and more sensitive. However, the steps of scrap iron consist of a short chain like collecting-melting-molding.

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