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Driving in a Terex 6300 Mining Dumper Truck (largest in the world)


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Taken from the passenger position in a Terex 6300 mining dumper truck in an iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. These are amongst the largest dumper trucks in the world. This truck is now made by Bucyrus as the Bucyrus MT6300AC.


About the Functions of Trucks
What do you think about trucks? What kind of trucks do they provide? What do trucks do? What are the types of trucks?

We all know that the truck that we see every day on the road constantly moving from one place to a variety of vehicles that carry loads of what you think these vehicles would never be what we would have been able to move dozens of cargo could be transported? materials are easily transported to the destination. So trucks are motor vehicles for carrying heavy loads.

What are the characteristics of these trucks?
Trucks are designed to carry heavy loads, so trucks have long wheels with a higher number of wheels than normal vehicles and carry a variety of flatbed trucks, tank trucks, box trucks, etc., so that they can transport their loads from one place to another. these;

Towing trucks

Tipper trucks

Sewer truck

Garbage trucks
Tanker trucks
Box trucks
Snow-fighting trucks
Mixers for concrete
Transport trucks
Construction trucks
Well, which of these trucks is used where now let's look at this.

Tow truck:
This type of truck is now called the truck and the back of the trailer draws.

Dump Truck
The tipper truck takes the rubble-like wastes loaded to the tipper from place to place thanks to the tipper located behind it. Tipper trucks can lower and lift the tipper.

Sewer trucks:
These trucks are used to unload various sewers.

Garbage truck
As you know, these trucks are the vehicles coming out of our homes or collecting the garbage in the environment and taking them to the garbage collection facilities.

Tanker Truck
These trucks are used to transport various liquids thanks to the tankers in the rear.
Box trucks
These trucks, on the other hand, take the goods loaded to the safe to the desired location with the closed and safe boxes.

Snow Fighting Trucks
These trucks are used in the winter, snow on the roads accumulated in some places, whether it is the ice pieces to clear the way to clear them

Cement Mixer Trucks

As the name implies, these trucks generally carry cement to the constructions thanks to the mixer behind them.

Transportation Trucks
These trucks are used, for example, when we move our house from one place to another, that is, to move some goods from one place to another.

Construction Trucks
These trucks are used to carry the soil that has emerged after digging foundations or debris formed after a place has been demolished.

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