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horse and cow power


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Strikingly, the newcomers seem to have first arrived on the west coast before they spread to other parts of Britain. This shows that Egeli farmers do not cross the English Channel by taking the shortest possible route and instead face the wilderness of the Atlantic.

“This route is a continuation of the Mediterranean coastal extension route, but of course in much more complex marine conditions, Car says Carles Lalueza-Fox of the Institute for Evolutionary Biology.

Lalueza-Fox, who is not involved in the study, says the findings match what is known about the spread of megalithic structures on the Atlantic coast of Europe.

“This study highlights the complex volume of population that affects a highly marginal region of northwestern Europe, and draws attention to the need to explore all regions with old data to understand the shape of modern human genetic diversity, L says Lalueza-Fox.

In the research, Thomas and his colleagues draw attention to a significant difference in the levels of pigmentation in Europe during the Stone Age, as can be seen from the genetic samples they studied.

Although hunter gatherers from Britain probably have blue or green eyes and dark or even black skins, farmer populations migrating from Europe are believed to have brown eyes and moderate dark skin.

(Light Skin Gene Seen in Europe, from the Middle East)

A survey conducted last year suggests that the first Briton, who lived about 10,000 years ago, had black skin and blue eyes. These analyzes were conducted on the whole of Britain's oldest skeleton, also known as Cheddar Man, in Gough Cave.

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