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How is the harvested old tyre repair in


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Cars move and stop according to the rules of physics. Tires are the only element that makes the car come into contact with the ground during these movements. The importance of the tire in controlling the car is too great to be ignored. There is an interaction between the tires and the road. This interaction may also lead to negative consequences. Let us come to the reasons that caused this important component to explode. There are a number of reasons why the tire will explode. Often the cause is a foreign body sinking into the tire, causing sudden air loss. Sometimes the sinking object causes slow air loss of the tire which is not felt by the driver. Use with low air eliminates the ability of a tire to dissipate heat. This heat destroys the molecular structure of the tire and causes it to explode. In such cases it is impossible to find the real cause of the initial pressure loss. The tire may explode as a result of a stroke in the past. Impact damage can occur if the tire hits a pit or ledge on the road. First, small impact damage can grow over time, causing the tire to burst. Often this can be seen with the slight bulge on the sidewall of the tire.
Don't panic when your tire explodes. Drive safely to the roadside, mount your spare tire and go to the appropriate tire repair shop as soon as possible. I can't pass until I give that warning. I recommend that you drive at a controllable speed despite a puncture that may occur at any time. I wish you a journey away from the accident.Lastik neden Patlar ile ilgili görsel sonucu


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