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How to Stain Wood working


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Probably many of us have seen shrouded trees on the roadside or in a forest. Maybe anyone knows, of course, but we often asked why. Whatever the reason, the first question that comes to mind is “Is it useful or harmful?” Did he think of the tree or his taste?


In fact, it is an act of good faith. The aim is to protect trees from sun rays and postpone blooming. Obviously, this action doesn't seem to be a benefit. If there is benefit for the grower, it will not be the case for the tree.

Even Harmful!

This action has no harm, as well as no benefit. Namely; it may also have been made to prevent pests from growing on trees. This intervention in the cycle of nature causes harmful cells to be released in the tree. This can cause damage to the tree and even a decrease in its yield. So, this should be taken off while browsing. While planning to buy delicious and abundant fruits, you can face a faded tree.


Visual feast

There are those who share this work completely with their own desires and tastes. They do not know that they have damaged the trees by satisfying themselves in terms of decoration. It can be considered relatively true that it gives a visual pleasure to the garden arrangement. A lush garden surrounded by trees that look like a bride on all four sides, of course, sounds good as well. Especially if there is a pool right in the middle of it, it is a feast… It may have been prepared with a lime only. The balance of nature may be impaired, but the environment is wonderful…

It may look beautiful, it may seem useful, but everything in nature should be as it should be. We humans don't need to intervene in nature anyway. Nature does not suffer harm from human beings from any living organism. On the contrary, they even need them to be more healthy and efficient. Especially considering that urbanization and population growth have led to a decrease in trees, this business will cost us a lot.

Instead of putting makeup on existing trees, let's spare time to plant saplings. Trees need to live, not painting.

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