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Letourneau loader cold start up


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Winter Construction Machinery
Preparing the machines in construction sites according to the seasonal conditions in these days when we enter the winter season
is required. Storage (Canned) maintenance of machines that will not work, winter maintenance of machines that will work
It should be done. Efficient and trouble-free in winter conditions
supply maintenance and control work must be done in time and completely.
In the 16th issue of our journal, the experiences of ”operating machinery in winter conditions”
an article containing general information under the same number of ı Did you do the winter maintenance of the machine içeren?
as published. As we enter the winter, we need to remind them and provide some additional information.
First of all, winter maintenance of the machines should be done in the maintenance catalog of the machine according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.
In general, the things to be done at the beginning of the season and during the work are as follows:
we must apply:

 * General cleaning of the machine is done.
 * Engine valve adjustment is done, compression is measured.
Cooling System:
 * The cooling system should be completely overhauled.
 * Radiator and air coolers must be clean; Dirty, dented combs should be cleaned and corrected.
 * Check that the radiator cap is working properly.
 * If there is leakage, crush, breakage or deformation in the hoses, the water hoses should be replaced.
 * Check hose clamps.
 * The thermostat should be checked for its suitability for winter conditions.
 * V Physical belt (cracks, elongation, rubber breaks, torsion, etc.) Check. Broken
change the ones.
 * Check the belt pulleys.
 * Check belt tension.
 * Prepare the cooling water mixture that is suitable for the lowest annual temperature of the region where you work.
 * Check the cooling water. If the antifreeze water in your system exceeds 2 years
antifreeze mixed water should be placed.
(The system should use antifreeze water throughout the year in summer and winter.)
 * After the change or replenishment of the cooling water, the engine is started until the thermostat opens and the antifreeze rate is again
 * When the machine is not running, cooling water from outside can be installed on the machines.
 * For the machines that will not work, either the water should be completely drained (including the water in the block) or at the appropriate rate
prepared antifreeze water should be filled.
 * Heater can be placed in the cooling system.
 * Especially the generators are waiting for stand-by, automatically switch on the block at certain temperature
because it is directly loaded.

Fuel system:

In order for the engine to operate easily in cold conditions, fuel must flow and pass through the filter at low temperatures. Motor
characteristic feature, as the cold increases, especially when passing through narrow sections of the paraffin
It is starting. The decomposing paraffin waxes the fuel pipes and the filter which are already narrow, leading to the engine
It reduces the amount of diesel oil and prevents the engine from going up to high revolutions,
It stops the fuel flow and stops the machine. This property increases as the air cools. Normal
Diesel fuel, known as diesel oil, starts to paraffin at -10 ° C and -12 ° C. Paraffinisation under these temperatures
preventive additives may be used. Even Eurodiesel can be used up to -22 ° C without any problem.
it can be more economical than fuel. Because the use of the additive can be expensive and the application
should be more difficult. Separate problem in the storage of each vehicle is a separate problem in the main tank. A certain
but can be completely mixed in the heat.
In this case, the quality of the diesel oil and the water content is very important. Diesel oil in large tanks to rest water
should be done after the evening replenishment. The tank must be filled completely
condensation of water vapor in the air is excessive. When starting work, water must be condensed in the tank of the machine.
It should be taken.
The main tank, the machine tank, the fuel pipes, the filter should be insulated, even need to heat using a heater. Newly produced
In some of the machines heating systems are found as standard equipment.
Electrical System:
The electrical parts of the machine should be overhauled and the starter and charging devices should be maintained. Headlights, fog
lamps to be checked.
The electrolyte density of the batteries should be checked;
The density of the electrolyte varies not only with the amount of sulfuric acid in it, but also with the temperature.
As the electrolyte cools, the volume decreases and the density increases.
Influence of air temperature and crankcase oil viscosity on battery capacity:
Note: Fully charged batteries give 100% capacity at 27 ° C.
When the engine oil is thick, ie when the oil is thick, the first movement of the engine slows down. Graphic -18 ° C, 0 ° C, 27 ° C
When the SAE 30 viscosity oil is present in the crankcase, it is seen what the engine turning power is. E.g -
2.5 m from battery for turning the engine at 18 ° C compared to + 27 ° C

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