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Minion Dam burst - School was closed for the day, so I took the kids down to Traigh Mhor (Tolsta Bea

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(For licensing or usage, contact School was closed for the day, so I took the kids down to Traigh Mhor (Tolsta Beach) and built a dam. Here is a video of it bursting. A couple of frequently asked questions? 1 - How big was the dam. The wall was 1 metre (3 feet) high and about six metres (20 feet) wide. 2 - How was it built, How long did it take to build? About two and a half hours, with a garden spade. I shovelled earth into the stream until the sand built up enough to stop the flow, then carried on piling it on. 2 - Why does the water look so dark? Heavy rain washes peat (soil) down from the hills. It is dark brown and full of plant matter (rotted leaves and stems). It looks filthy but is harmless. 3 - Why do I keep telling Thomas to stand back? The water was about 0.5 metres (2 feet) deep in the centre of the channel and flowing fast. The beach is well known for 'sinking sand' (Quicksand) which is often found in and near the streams. Thomas was too excited to care and kept trying to run into the water to test his wellies... 4 - Why do I not keep telling Rebecca to stand back? Because she is more sensible. 5 - Where are the little yellow people? Minion is our family surname and has been for at least eight generations I can trace. Minions is a trademark of Universal Studios and we have no blue dungarees or yellow skinned lozenges. We do like bananas though. Thanks go to Rebecca Minion for her helpful advice on construction and Thomas Minion for the musical score and additional descriptive language.

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