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Old Engines in Japan 1930s


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1. Read this manual until you fully understand the control and operation of the machine. How to control and stop the machine
2. Those who are under 18 years of age and who do not know the machine sufficiently cannot use the machine.
3. The person using the machine must make sure that it is far enough away from other people and objects while working. Direct and
the user is liable for indirect errors.
- Do not work near people (especially children) and animals.
4. Pay maximum attention to hand and foot injuries when working.
5. Always use original spare parts for safe operation.
6. Never operate or operate this machine in confined spaces. Exhaust gas is hazardous to health.
7. Danger of burns when the engine's exhaust temperature exceeds 80 °!
8. Wear closed clothing and fully closed safety shoes.
always wear durable gloves.
9. Check the tightness of all fasteners.
10. Clean stone, wire, glass, large bushes, metal objects, and tree stumps in the work area.
11. Do not operate the machine if the safety devices are not in good condition.
12. If an object is hit while in operation, stop the machine and check for damage.
13. Work in daylight or in a well-lit environment.
14. Never leave the machine running unattended.
15. Do not work on extremely upright and inclined areas that are unsuitable for the machine.
16. Start the engine only when the gear selector is in neutral '0'.
17. Never ground the machine without the mill housing.
18. Motor during removal and installation of cutter and mower blade
it must be stopped.
19. Do not remove the original parts of the machine. Do not repair or modify.
20. Do not shift into neutral when using the tool
21. To avoid fire hazard;
- Use a large funnel to avoid spilling fuel to the engine and chassis when refueling.
-Fill according to the level indicator of the fuel tank.
- When refueling, do not smoke and avoid flammable materials.
- Do not use the tool in flammable or explosive environments.
- Do not fill the fuel tank while the engine is running.
- Do not knock the machine if there is fuel in the fuel tank for maintenance and adjustment

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