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Stone sieving system made of sand


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The construction industry is quickly thrown away and today the most important building material, sand, is required to be ready for use by establishing a sand washing and screening plant in order to have the desired quality. In the construction sector, it is known that materials called aggregate to the grain classes called sand, gravel and chippings are used in the fields such as concrete, light concrete production, road filling, coating construction plaster.
The sand used as a building material has a classic texture with a loose texture. Rock waste, which is sand quartz grains, is a mixture of mica and similar minerals. Surface properties, hardness properties are the factors that determine the quality of sand. In addition, as a result of the classification of limestone originated rocks by breaking, artificial sands are widely used today. The modes of production and origins are similar. However, it is brought to a certain standard and the nomenclature differs.
If you want to install and operate sand washing and screening plant, we can provide you with all kinds of support.
In order to have a say in the sand market, it is necessary to establish a plant by making an important investment. In this way, the construction sector, which started with the urban transformation process in our country, can provide you significant gains. For this purpose, with the necessary technical equipment and trained staff to establish a large sand washing and screening plant, you can make great gains.
This important building material sand, which is still in high demand today, must be obtained by establishing high quality facilities at high standards. businesses operating in this area in Turkey are working intensively to eliminate the need for sand. According to the characteristics of the sand produced in the plants, they are passed through different stages and sometimes they are taken from the river beds, sometimes by breaking the rocks and sometimes they are taken from the sea.
The sand should be washed in order to reduce the pollution rate, certain processes should be carried out in sand washing machines, and then stored with the help of convectors. Different washing systems are available. Of these, the most commonly used process in the so-called mixer washing machine is the machines used for separating the impurities from the foreign substances which are difficult to dissolve. It carries out the washing work by carrying the sands of this feature to a wide range of application area with the bulk materials that must be washed in the facilities. One of the important apparatus for washing sand is the sieve used in helozon or bucket washers. Because of its special vibrations, it is obtained by separating from the dirty materials in a dry way by carrying the sand to the area which should be kept by draining from the water.
During the sand washing and sieving process, the material is washed and separated by contacting the water with the shower system which is called as crowbar in the sieves. Again, there is a washing system in each compartment of the sieves, so a perfect cleaning and purification process is performed. Valves on the top of the sieves also serve to easily perform the showering process.
Similarly, thanks to the bucket washers where different processes are carried out, processes that need to be kept or re-washed by coming with the sieve and water can be made. There are also sieves that can be designed as single and double by using spiral washers according to the capacity of the plant.
Sand, gravel, washing and sieving facilities are not as difficult as it is thought to be. First of all, you can exchange ideas with experienced companies who know these works. As General Machinery, we can help to meet all kinds of machinery and personnel needs in order to support young entrepreneurs.
The sand sector should be considered as a very profitable investment. Because sand used in concrete production is in high demand. Existing enterprises are struggling to keep up with the demand for sand in the country's construction sector. It is essential to meet this need by installing a new sand washing and screening plant. If you are new in this sector and want to make money, as soon as you start to do research on this subject and what machines are needed, where we recommend to install, how muchç....

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