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tire removal techniques


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tire removal techniques

It is a good idea to know this work in advance as tire replacement is always necessary. Changing the tire is very simple if you use the right techniques and you can change your own tire practically without any help. You will need both practical knowledge and a number of tools. When we look at what tools are needed for tire replacement, there should be spare tire, jack, work gloves, wheel wrench and linoleum for laying down.

You should ensure that you take the necessary safety measures before changing the tire, including the emergency reflector and the warning triangle. Depending on the night change or if the light level is insufficient, you should also have a light source or lamp. As a first step, have the lighting device, glove, wheel wrench ready, then loosen the wheel nuts while the vehicle is on the ground. Remove the rim or hub cover on the tire, then loosen the resulting wheel bolts with the wrench. Loosen the wheel bolts once or twice. At the other stage you will need to use the jack, after raising the jack slightly, turn the tires clockwise and raise the tires 3-4 cm on the floor. Raise the vehicle so that it can change tires. Holding the spare tire on the outside, place it on the wheel. Place the wheel bolts by hand, then turn the jack in the opposite direction to lower it. Once the vehicle has come to the ground, fully tighten the nuts with a wrench. After tightening, you can install and install the wheel cover by hand. You can tap on the wheel cover to make it fit. Make sure that the nuts are well fitted and tightened when changing tires. Do not leave any tools or equipment in the middle after a tire change.

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