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Trabajando con Maquinaria Pesada (Working with Heavy Machinery)


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Trabajando con Maquinaria Pesada (Working with Heavy Machinery)

Although it differs according to climatic conditions, in order for the soil to form, the main material must be dissolved in a very long period, various living organisms consisting of plants and animals should be settled in this main material, and the washing and accumulation events should take place in the soil. As the parent material dissolves, the resulting nutrients can be taken up by the plants, so that algae, lichen and various herbaceous plants begin to settle. With the accumulation and decomposition of this plant organic matter on the soil, other organisms, micro-flora and fauna begin to settle in the environment. As the vegetation develops over time, the soil enriches in terms of nutrients and enables the other organisms to multiply.

As a result, there is a living layer on the main material that feeds the vegetation, acts as a stop for the plants, in which various living things live and chemical events continue unceasingly. This living layer is called soil. The formation of soil from rocks in the natural process requires quite a long time. It takes at least 300-1000 years for one cm of soil to form.

Today, soil science still contains many unknowns. Some scientists say that we know more about space and other planets than we know about earth. The main reason for this is that the soil is in a continuous state of motion with the interaction of a large number of living and inanimate components that are constantly going through very complex processes. The bottom of the soil contains a denser and more mobile life than the surface. Although difficult to believe, thousands of different organisms, with a total weight of more than cattle, live below the meadow where a herd of cattle graze.

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