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Truck Accident at the Railroad Crossing


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What do you need to know while keeping the accident report which states which party is defective during the accident?
In the event of material damage accidents, the minutes of the accident by the agreement of the other party and the application to the insurance companies with these minutes have been implemented since 2008. Accident detection records should be filled carefully. Because the 'tramer', which is uploaded to the traffic insurance information center, which side is defective and defect rates are determined.

Keeping a copy of the accident report in your car makes it easier to do so during an accident. You will need to agree with the other party and add some documents to the form before these minutes are kept only after material damage.

After the accident, the form to be completed must be signed by the drivers and;

Photocopy of traffic insurance policies
Copy of driver's license
A copy of the licenses must be attached to the forms.
You should also ensure that the statements are clear, clear and legible when filling in accident detection forms. It is important to draw the sketches correctly, to write the license plates correctly, to indicate the direction of traffic flow, the starting and ending points of the road correctly and to determine the damage.

If more than two vehicles are involved in the accident, it is necessary to keep two forms. Note that in such a case, the report forms must be signed by each driver individually.


1. In the first box, you must enter the time and date of the accident.

2. In the second box, you should write down the details of the street, neighborhood, district and province where the accident occurred.

3. In the third box, if there are witnesses who witnessed the accident, you should write their information. This box is usually filled if there are drivers who cannot agree.

4. In the fourth, fifth and sixth boxes, details such as driving license, vehicle and insurance policy information of the drivers involved in the accident should be written. You must write your own vehicle information on one copy and the other party's information on the other copy. You should check to ensure that the information you have written is correct.

5. In the seventh box, find and mark the code for the vehicle information, if any, in the template.

6. If there is a foreign vehicle license plate involved in the accident in the eighth box, you should write down its green card.

7. In the ninth box, you should draw a drawing based on the dimensions of the vehicles and mark the collision points for vehicles A, B. You should also specify road information, signs and places where parking is prohibited.

Finally, you should clearly state how the incident happened and sign each of the two copies of the report. Make sure both parties sign the minutes. When you take 3-4 frames of the tools and add them to the report, you complete the form filling process.

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