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Tractor Fail Compilation 2019 , NEW

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Traffic accidents that occur due to various causes cause injuries, loss of life and property. As is known, various rules that drivers and pedestrians must comply with in order to prevent traffic accidents have been determined by law. Penalties determined by the Ministry of Finance come into force with the adoption of the amendment to the road traffic law of the year by the General Assembly of the Parliament. When the nature of the penalties prepared by taking into account deterrence is examined, it becomes clear what causes traffic accidents occur. Inattention, excessive speed, curiosity, out of traffic while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, or to know the rules well enough in my app, both drivers and pedestrians of traffic accidents occur due to various reasons including unconsciousness. Compliance with the rules organized on the basis of life safety is important in the sense of minimizing possible problems. However, considering the possibility of accidents, it is also extremely important to have health insurance and compulsory traffic insurance. The types, scope and pricing of insurance policies that increase security and peace of mind vary.

Causes Of Road Accidents Caused By A Driver

Alcohol use is quite common in driver-related accidents. Due to alcohol use, which causes a lack of attention and reduces mechanical control, the driver may lose steering control, have difficulty detecting other vehicles in the course, and may overlook traffic signs.
Ignoring traffic signs is another cause of accident. Many people die every year because of crossing a red light by violating traffic lights, making faulty overtaking, not complying with the tracking distance and priority of crossing, not taking the traffic signs placed by the authorities seriously.
Not taking car use seriously and driving in an unconscious manner also invites bad results. Driving without a license, not having basic knowledge or practicing them, speeding when you are not experienced enough or lack of practice are some of the other examples of unconscious vehicle use.
Another element that troubles almost every driver, including “master drivers”with driving experience, is carelessness. No matter how experienced or conscious you are, driving when you are tired, insomnia, or in the process of an intense illness causes accidents. In such cases, it is necessary to go on the road by resting or to take care to continue on the road by resting when fatigue is felt during the cruise.
Another factor of accidents that cost many lives in Turkey every year is excessive speed. Excessive speed is especially important because it is the biggest cause of traffic accidents. The desire to make speed, triggered by the desire to get somewhere quickly, generates very heavy bills. In addition, considering the nature of small-scale accidents caused by speed, it should be taken into account that work and operations such as damage detection operations after an accident, record keeping process waste much more time.
In order to avoid all these misfortunes, not to endanger the lives of both themselves and others, and not to suffer great financial losses, it is necessary for drivers to take their vehicle use seriously and to exercise the necessary care.

Causes Of Pedestrian Traffic Accidents

Pedestrians, such as drivers, are also required to comply with traffic rules. In traffic accidents caused by pedestrians, there are errors such as running a red light, trying to cross the road while the vehicles are traveling in an area of the main street without a traffic light, not giving the driver the right to first pass, passing in front or behind the stopping vehicle, not using pedestrian crossings. In the sense of preventing traffic accidents, pedestrians must fully comply with the rules, just as drivers should. At this point, it is worth noting that there are also traffic rules for pedestrians, and they also have various sanctions related to the law.

Measures Against Road Accidents

Although it is not possible to completely prevent traffic accidents, it is possible to significantly reduce these accidents by increasing general awareness of the rules and by means of measures to be taken. In order to prevent accidents, both drivers and pedestrians should be more conscious, cautious, calm and careful. In addition to the precautions that must be taken before accidents occur, it is also extremely important to have insurance taking into account the possibility of accidents. In this regard, it is necessary to take seriously health insurance and traffic insurance, which are closely related to pedestrians, drivers, vehicles and passengers.

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