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Claas Axion 810 & MF 186 - Fendt 820 & Arcusin_Balling straw

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Herb varieties with healing power of nature, hidden benefits
Herbal grass varieties used on many tables among the people for centuries are also used in traditional and modern medicine to cure all kinds of diseases. In order to learn the healing power of nature, it is important to use plants correctly and consume them at the right time.

The herbs found in our country, which are rich in plant diversity, are valuable in the sense of continuing their traditional use and transferring it to the next generation, as migration from villages to cities increases and loses its value and recognition.

types of herbs
Types Of Herbs
Although the names of grass varieties in nature vary locally, their use is almost the same. In short, the most important weed varieties and benefits that have been given to humanity as thousands of varieties to live healthy are as follows:

Karayilan herb: it is a plant used for the treatment of hot flashes and menopause.
Wild yams: it is an essential plant in hormone treatments with the effect of estrogen.
Lion's tail: used in the treatment of depression with sedative and drug effect.
Sage: because of its benefits to the skin, it is used in the content of various cosmetic materials in the modern world.
Blue vervain: it has regenerating and healing effects on the liver and other organs.
Ginseng: ginseng used in diseases of the central nervous system and anti-aging drugs has been known for centuries.
Hawthorn: Hawthorn, which is a good therapeutic against cholesterol, heart rhythm disorder, and various heart diseases, is a very useful plant in the gulgiller family.
Dandelion: Dandelion, a powerful plant against infectious diseases and cancer, is a very rich source of beta-carotene.
Hayit: Hayit grass, which is a cure for all kinds of problems such as infertility, anemia, prostate and menstrual irregularities, is from the minegiller family.
Ginger: an excellent herb for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections and as an immune booster, ginger is used in almost every country independently of modern medicine.
Nettle: nettle, which is very effective against circulatory system and skin problems, is one of the plants that grows spontaneously in nature.
Thyme: the high vitamins and minerals contained in thyme grass, which benefit the whole body, have a protective effect even from cancer.
Lion's claw: the lion's claw, which grows in moist areas, is very useful for tissues that are difficult to close after surgery and for strengthening muscles, but is effective against many other female diseases.
Nigella: Nigella, whose benefits have been proven by many researchers, helps cells destroy countless diseases from the moment it enters the body.
Aegean grass varieties
Aegean Grass Varieties
Alacati grass varieties, especially in the Aegean region, are quite famous. 20 plant varieties and benefits that those who come to the Aegean as guests must try are as follows:

Cibes grass: Cibes grass, which is from the cruciferous family, benefits against digestive system disorders.
Bamboo: bamboo grass, which is from the eggplant family, is especially used against dental diseases.
Crocus: it is important to know the type that is good for constipation, since Crocus grass, which is from lilies, can be poisonous species.
Iskin: Iskin grass, which is from the lamb's ear family and is called Highland banana, is very useful for the treatment of cancer.
Labada: the labada plant, which grows in wetlands of the buckwheat family, is a blood cleanser and treatment of skin diseases.
Madimak: Madimak, which is from the lamb's ear family, is a powerful antioxidant, as well as a regulator of the digestive system.
Purslane: although it is a complete store of healing, it is used in many diet lists.
Enthusiasm Bostan: enthusiasm bostan, a member of the daisy family, has Healing values, especially in relation to kidney diseases.
Sea burritos: the Sea burritos, which are from the spinach family, are a plant that grows in the Aegean Sea.
Tangle: Tangle, which is from the nettle family, is known as the wild state of fennel and is effective against the nervous system.
Radish grass: radish grass, which grows on acidic soils, is usually consumed together with lemon and used as a strong drug against infectious diseases.
Mustard grass: mustard grass from the cruciferous family is an effective plant against indigestion.
Crowbar: crowbar plant, a visually beautiful and resistant plant, is used as a worm reducer in children.
Dandelion / Radika: rich in vitamins A and C, the radika plant has immune-strengthening effects.
Wild leek: wild leek, especially used against the digestive system, usually grows wild in hot climates.
Hibiscus: hibiscus, which is good for pain, is one of the edible flowering plants.
Borage / Çıkık: çıkık, which is usually good for both cancer and digestive diseases with its blue flowering structure, grows spontaneously in nature.
Rock Grove: with a sour and sweet taste, rock Grove is known for benefiting gallbladder diseases.
Sweet Ivy: used as an antidote to many diseases, the herb known as sweet ivy or Fox is also known to be used against allergic disorders.
Zahter: mostly belonging to Ottoman culture and a Mediterranean climate plant, zahter strengthens nerves and also allows quick healing of open wounds.
types of prickly grass
Types Of Prickly Grass
Camel thorn, kirtil, may thorn, Georgian grass (zimilac), such as many thorn herbs cooked and drank the water benefits the person. Varieties such as Şevketi bostan, helvacık grass, milkweed, horse chestnut, balsam grass, BlackBerry, Hawthorn and Thorn grass can be counted. Prickly herbs are generally preferred to be used as tea. Collecting and extracting thorny grasses, which are mostly used as dry grass varieties among the people, is more difficult than others.

kaldirik grass

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