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Silage bagger EURO BAGGING EB 310 LG storages distillers staff.

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1-Format time; Format time in corn silage is when dry matter amount is 35%. This rate is determined by weighing a 1 kg corn plant sample to be taken from the field by drying it in a microwave oven. The amount of the sample remaining after drying should be at least 350 g. Under this figure, it is still too early to form, as dry matter is not sufficient.

2-Form Method; Sharp and efficient operation of the knives of maize form machines plays an important role in making correct silage. The size of the piece should be 2 cm, should not take soil from the ground during the shape. In addition, the use of grain detonator cutters will increase the quality.

3-Storage Method; Compacting and closing the silage should be finished within 48 hours at the most. During sealing, silage must be pressed well and polyethylene nylon must be used at the top and bottom of the air. In addition, the lining of the scrap tires that will put pressure on the silage plays an important role in keeping the silage intact.

4-Silage additives; Silage is an environment in which bacterial activity should work properly. If the bacterial activity is weak and inadequate, the risk of silage deterioration increases. One of the most common mistakes is to throw salt into the silage. Salt delays fermentation by inhibiting bacterial activity and prevents silage from maturing. In this respect, the use of salt in silage is not recommended. Silage inoculants, which are a substance that prevents silage from spoiling by accelerating the fermentation of silage, has been used extensively in recent years. The main task of the inoculant is to reduce the pH of Ph to 4-4.5 level and to prepare an environment that will relax the bacteria activity in the silage.

In the absence of silage additives, '' Whey '', which goes to the garbage as a waste at home under the conditions of farmers, will have an important effect on maturation of silage by joining the silage during the silage production phase. Another mistake in making silage is barley, wheat, etc. from outside. It is the addition of cereals or cereals. Although this method is used as a carbohydrate source in the corn grown prematurely, the fact that it is not enough homogenously distributed in the silage causes both the mold to become moldy and attracts the attention of the mice, causing the silage nylon to be pierced and the silage to be completely degraded by taking air.

Silages that do not have the correct siloing are spoiled and pregnant animals used in feeding can throw offspring, toxic effect and poisoning. A well-preserved silo is a nutritious food source with high nutritional value. In this sense, it can be used easily in dairy cattle breeding and fattening.

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