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10 Extreme Dangerous Dump Trucks Unloading Powerful Heavy Equipment Transportation Oversize Load


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Heavy duty machinery
oprak excavation, loading and spreading; highway construction, repair and maintenance work; water channels construction, etc. machines used in work. It is generally classified as crawler (Caterpillar) and rubber wheeled according to the movement mechanisms. According to their work, they are divided into various groups. Certain heads of these are dozer, excavator, grader, skreyper, loader (loder), compactor, cylinder, pipe laying and other work machines.

In addition to these machines, which have a wide variety of types depending on where to use, there are many more working machines. It is possible to deduce from their names what these machines, which have different characteristics of their own, work. Floor loosening machines, various types of rollers for floor compaction, vibrators, except for Hammers, concrete preparation, mixing, transmitting, spreading, etc. construction machinery used in the works and asphalt preparation and spreading works are also work machinery.

It is a type of excavator that serves to excavate on foot. It consists of a walking tractor and a digger plate mounted in front of it so that it can be lifted and lowered. The tractor is driven by a diesel engine and has a crawler or rubber wheel. Crawler tractors provide a greater thrust. Rubber wheels are more mobile. At the bottom of the digger plate in front is a blade that can be replaced when worn. According to the construction of the plate, dozers are divided into two types: bulldozer and angldozer. In angldozer, one end of the plate can go forward and the other end back, making angled scraping and throwing the excavated soil right and left. In the bulldozer, there is no movement from right to left, piling the excavated soil forward. The movement of the plate is provided by a hydraulic system.

It is a machine for digging soil floors. Universal, wired, godeli, floating etc. there are several types. Universal excavator has three parts, mainly bottom, top and front. The bottom is crawler, rubber wheel or truck chassis. At the top is the drive motor and control device. The front part consists of a mechanism that allows digging. There are various types of diggers such as Spoon (bucket), draglin bucket, jaw, reverse spoon, flat spoon.



It is a work machine used for leveling roads or digging ditches. It consists of front part, rear part, chassis and Scraper plate assembly. The front part is shaped like a two-wheel axle and provides steering movement. The rear part has a drive motor and control mechanisms. Scraper plate is attached on the chassis connecting the front and rear part. As with the dozer, there is a blade on the lower edge of the plate that can be replaced when worn, and the plate is mobile.

ahmet yesevi

It is a work machine that fills the soil into a chest by digging in thin layers and spreading it after taking it to a certain distance. It is towed by a tracked or rubber-wheeled tractor. Leveling in the construction of places such as airports, opening irrigation channels, removing the upper thin layers in mines, etc. it's used in jobs. On the front of the four-wheeled backhoe crate, pulled by a tractor, is the backhoe Blade. The Earth scraped by the knife is filled in the chest. Then the front cover is closed and the filled earth is taken to the empty place and emptied.

Loader (Loder)
They are machines that serve to fill land that is not difficult to dig into vehicles. There are two types: intermittent and continuous running. It consists of an interrupted type tractor and a bucket part that allows loading in front. The bucket part is moved by hydraulic systems. Thanks to the continuous walking movement, the excavated material is excavated as a surface, and the excavated material is filled into vehicles traveling at the same speed.

Drilling and bored pile floor drilling machines
All kinds of drilling and drilling area again with another material (concrete, iron) filling, water, thermal, oil and natural gas in the case of Vertical Pipe placement of the machines used in the operation certificates, non-fixed drilling machines are processed to the driver's license

Mobile fuel oil tanker replenishment machine
Engaged in all work and discharge fuel supply, Aircraft, Ships, Tanker Ships, Ports, tanker wagon,Marina, fuel filling and discharge stations and in the transportation of LPG and Natural Gas,other, flammable, explosive and flammable chemical tanker truck motorists are required to get these documents for takaryakit in our country the business areas( airports, ports and loading facilities,marinas, gas filling and unloading facilities, hazardous chemicals, LPG tankers, Acid)

Tunneling machines
Sev and Splitting any semi-open and closed tunnel , underground and hard gears and conical rotating table and material in the mine fields by digging through the desired height and width kuskuluk who can dig a highly productive machines. Operators using these machines are required to obtain operator certificates in accordance with Articles 77 and 78 of the EISGB Occupational Safety Regulation.


Rock truck and other work trucks
Any off-road trucks with rocks and soil rock soil rock excavation operators who are required to take these documents to the transplant, other fillers, taperli hop on hop trucks with the drivers who work excavation work training of Occupational Health and safety training required by regulations to receive a certificate of job security watchers and helpers, Fr is mandatory.

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