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Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, who went to Kayseri to participate in a number of programs, Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli made statements about the import of straw, which has been the subject of polemic in recent days.

At the Kayseri agricultural and forest sector meetings meeting held within the scope of" agricultural and Forest meetings, Minister Pakdemirli said that the news that Turkey is a country that imports Straw does not reflect the truth.:

"I say in every speech that agriculture is a political issue. Please, let's not use the sacred products of this fertile land that we consume on the way from our mouths to our bellies to politics. But unfortunately, they are used to Daily Politics. They put a paper in the hands of the chairman of the CHP. They say, ' we import hay from Switzerland.'We just took it off and looked. Incoming, 32 kilos. 32 kilograms someone brought something from the same customs tariff position, but this is a grain cap, a meat gluttonous bug's pillow, let's say so. He brought it for 6,500 pounds. So it comes to 200 pounds a kilo. And no one checked it, giving it to their general. The president said: 'Turkey imports straw from Switzerland.'Everyone's stomach hurts when the president gives it back. Again and again, Turkey is a self-sufficient country. No one has the right to demoralize my producer, peasant, farmer, feeder in a country that is more than 150 percent self-sufficient with exports of $ 18 billion, imports of $ 12 billion. Keyboard Musketeers, some members of the media have no right to make false news, to pull what is said with tweezers. No one has the right to speculate on our nutrients."

Pakdemirli, who spoke about investments in Kayseri in his speech, said that for the first time in the city, a business that processes buffalo milk is operational, and this place will have a daily capacity to process tons of milk. 2 million 300 thousand saplings to meet the soil and Kayseri 1.5 million saplings will produce indicating that Pakdemirli, social afforestation projects will continue, he said.

10 separate districts located in 25 districts 2B forest cadastre studies will complete the minister emphasizing Pakdemirli " 15 Agricultural Credit Cooperative Market will open and provide all employment from the people of the region," he said.

Pakdemirli, who said that the amount falling to Kayseri in support of raw milk is 185 million pounds, said: "mobilize all your opportunities, as long as my farmer's face laughs."he thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan," he said.


In 2002, all support was 1.8 billion pounds in total, while 2020 figures will distribute 22 billion pounds of support, Minister Pakdemirli said:

"While the budget of no ministry in Turkey today does not increase in any item, it was with the support of our president and the support of our treasury and Finance Minister. The average annual growth of Turkish agriculture is beyond that of many European countries. He's beyond the Netherlands, which everyone counts, beyond France. In Europe, agricultural output changes every year, but we are either first or second. We're in the top ten in the world. Turkey's growth has been greater than in the Netherlands, more than in Spain, France and Denmark in the last 17 years. This success is not the success of our power. Support from us, work, effort from you. And a blessing from Allah. This is a blessing given by my Lord to the land of our country, but success is your success."

Agricultural gross national product in 2002 from 37 billion pounds, about 6 times a figure close to 216.7 billion pounds indicating that the Minister Pakdemirli "this year we expect to approach 250 billion pounds. Data for 2019 has not yet been released. We export agricultural products to 193 countries, we are a country with a foreign trade surplus of $ 5.3 billion. Between 2002-2018, we have an export that increased 4.7 times and increased from $ 3.8 billion to $ 18 billion. We export 1827 agricultural products to 193 countries," he said.


Pakdemirli, who also evaluated the ban on Aroma-reinforced products and stressed that they were previously sold on the Turkish market, said: "These are products made with flavored supplements that actually have similar ones all over the world. We did not eliminate these products because they are unhealthy products. We wanted these products to disappear so that they would be more beneficial to our citizens, our nation, their long-term health, their long-term diet, their long-term eating habits. The reason is that these products, for example, have pomegranate sour, there is a pomegranate sour, and there is a pomegranate sour sauce. Pomegranate sour sauce is mainly made from glucose syrup. Here's molasses, there's real molasses, and there's molasses made from syrup. These products are products that are in the food Codex all over the world, but we have always taken some measures under the leadership of our president to make our nation healthier. We said that we will no longer produce these products in Turkey. But we also allow this. If there is a demand from abroad, you can also produce and send these products. Let's not produce these products anymore, we completely prohibit them from producing, but we also decided to allow a transition to the market. He was immediately dismissed. However, these products were on the market until yesterday. No one knew until we banned them," he said.


This year, 83 million saplings are aimed to meet the soil Minister Pakdemirli, "our citizens together with 83 million saplings will be meeting the soil on various dates this year. Because if we have 83 million citizens, we wanted to plant one seedling for each of the 83 million people. We thank the President. To support us, he has declared Every November 11 as Mili afforestation day, and we will continue this afforestation every November 11 after that. This year, we will have an October of up to 83 million on various dates. We will announce these dates soon."was in the form.


Referring to the prototype of the electric tractor exhibited at Kayseri Agricultural Fair, Minister Pakdemirli said: "If you did not stop by the fair, be sure to stop by. Here we have developed a very beautiful prototype. I hope this electric tractor will come out of the bands before the end of this year. From 10 percent to 90 percent charging comes in 45 to 65 minutes. 105 horsepower, 4-wheel drive. We have developed a prototype that can withstand the most difficult work in the field, with the ability to maneuver and heifer. I hope we aim to deliver it as mass production before the end of this year to our farmers," he said.

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli also visited the governorship within the scope of Kayseri program. Minister Pakdemirli also paid a visit to Mr. Mehmet Özhaseki, Deputy Chairman of the AK Party.

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