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Chevy 2500 duramax pulling 75ft mobile home.

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Our construction firm started its work in 1992 and has been carrying out deliveries of log cabins made of logs and since 2004 and land-profiled Ukrainian bar as well as wild entry Cabins to Europe and Asia by sea (through ports in containers) by roads (trucks or wagons). Export to other continents is possible. The great experience accumulated over the years allows us to provide our customers with a complete set of services for log cabin construction on the export of logs and timber that fully meet world quality standards.

Our Log Cabins are built on modern technology from Canada, in line with quality standards. Our builders were educated abroad and have experience in their Dozens of built homes. Excellent strength and unique properties of thermal insulation are a pine tree that grows in northern Ukraine Polesie, which gradually grows and does not crack. It was from there, we get unique quality materials for log cabin construction. The production is equipped with multi-functional machines with computer software that ensures to get the best quality materials.


The wooden frame for export includes:
срубы на экспорт из Украины

1. Karatev;

2. Round billet or profile bar for walls;

Beam beams

4. Roof covers;

5. Antiseptic

6. Nails for connecting log / timber.

At the request of the customer, we can complete additional building materials:

1. Floor board;

2. Boarding;

3. Block the house;

4. Enclosure (for windows and doors);

5. Skirting;

6. Boxes on windows and above doors.

7. Lining and bench frame.

All materials are treated with a quality antiseptic and packaged according to international standards. Average cost of one euro-euro freight (36 m3 / 20 t) - about $ 200. The container holds 40 f 30 m3. We assemble the house from the beam to our employees on the customer's site. It takes about a month to build a box with a roof on a finished foundation.

We have legal and organizational subtleties for the export of such houses and a package of documents for export:

1. Customs declaration (TD);

2. Accompanying transport documents;

3. Invoice;

4. certificate of origin;

5. Phyto-sanitary (doctor) certificate;

6. Passport for goods

We will help you decide on the most suitable housing configuration and project development. You can find all the necessary information on the construction of a log house on our website:

Layout of a wooden house (log house) export layout:

1. Choose a house or bath project or submit your own project;

2. Determine the building material;

3. Choose the layout and configuration of the log house;

4. Contact our managers and make your request (by email or phone).

If you have any questions or want to make your order from us, please contact us. We will gladly help make your dreams come true.


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Double-profile beam houses - a new word in wooden housing construction.

How do you insulate a wooden house to distribute heat evenly throughout the house and then save on its heating? This issue arises because log cabins are from a log or from small radial rays and poor heat protection in areas in cold and wintry winters, and these houses need to be insulated separately. Houses from a large log or profile beam are expensive and need a reinforced foundation. Is it possible to create a frame with good thermal protection and other performance characteristics and at the same time create a frame much cheaper?

What kind of foundation is needed to choose a wooden house? Practical advice.

The construction of a foundation that transfers all the loads and weight of the house to the ground is one of the most important and mandatory stages of the construction of any building, including a relatively light wooden house. It is not necessary for him to build uniform and deep expensive bases, but it is sufficient to make point supports unless the wooden house is then covered with brick or other heavy veneer materials. Correct consideration of the installation of the foundation (foundation) of any building is a commitment to its durability and long-term operation (durability). Mistakes made at this stage of the construction of the house cause the earth to collapse and the subsequent breakdowns and cracks that may appear, which sometimes can never be restored. Therefore, the design of the foundation must be approached with gravity and responsibility.


What do you need to choose the foundation type of the wooden house?

1. Choose the location correctly: stay away from water bodies, cliffs, places where the ground has fallen.

2. Consider the size and number of floors.

3.Design a basement or garage in the basement (high above the ground basement)

4. Consider the terrain - for example, for a strip foundation, a rough floor makes the job more labor intensive with a higher consumption of material.

5.Soil exploration: be its type, properties, depth and groundwater

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