Amazing Power of Tractors, Trailer Lift, Harvesters and Fantastic Machines.


The tractor is a motorized agricultural vehicle used to pull agricultural machinery and equipment and provide the movement energy required for these machines to operate. Thanks to its large rear wheels, it can easily move on loose field soil or off-road terrain. It is divided into three as rubber-wheeled, tracked and mixed. Tractors with front engines are usually driven by the rear wheels, but there are also types that provide traction with all four wheels.


Tractors with trailers and plows in the field

Trailer and plow in the field

mounted tractors

Tractors, which are mostly used in field plowing with a plow attached to the back, are also used in hoeing, mowing, seeding, spraying and threshing together with various agricultural equipment. Thanks to its powerful engine, it can also pull heavy loads with large trailers that can be attached to the back. In addition, tractors are widely used in the village and as a short distance transportation vehicle between village and district.

Tractor & Farm Machinery
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