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Diving into the blue of the sea, sniffing the smell, listening to the sounds of the wave is a therapy in itself ... But the benefits of the sea are not just that ... According to the article of the HT Saturday supplement, Sema Erenen argued that physicians have been in the sea for countless diseases. In fact, in 1769, British Dr. Richard Russell went a step further and claimed that his clients could benefit from the sea not only for swimming but also for drinking water. Not only Russell, but Hippocrates, tied the seawater to keep fishers from getting infected even though their hands were cut. Biologist Rene Quinton also drew attention to the therapeutic properties of sea water as it has similar elements to blood plasma. Of course, which sea it is and its cleanliness is important.


For those who cannot find sea, sea water pools and jacuzzis are running. There are also those who find solace in the massage under the name of "thalassotherapy" under the rain of warm sea water. Therapies with hot sea water are said to accelerate metabolism and burn fat. Let us leave the therapies aside when we are in the ready season and there are beautiful beaches in our country. Because the benefits do not end with counting.


1- There is no longer anybody knows that sea water is beneficial for the skin. For this reason, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors cannot give up sea water. Magnesium and hydrate in sea water is an important mineral for skin to look young and radiant.

2- It is also effective in drying pimples, renewing the skin and cleaning blackheads.

3- It treats various mental disorders such as anxiety and depression in magnesium, bromine, lithium substances in sea water. These substances balance the level of melatonin and serotonin in the brain.

4- The salty water of the sea prevents dandruff and adds shine to your hair.

5- Iodine in sea water strengthens the immune system. Absorption of vitamins and minerals in sea water opens the pores in the skin to ensure the removal of toxins that cause the body to catch diseases and is an important method in the treatment of allergic diseases. Sea water, which is antiseptic, fights infections, increasing the body's resistance to kill fungi, bacteria and microbes.

6- You will feel yourself in the electromagnetic energy field of the sea while swimming, which contributes to the renewal process of your body. Moreover, the air on the beach is loaded with negative ions that help clear blood and tissues.

7- Experts say that even a slightly wavy sea can be useful because it increases the calories we spend while trying to stay on the surface of the water and massages our body. It speeds up my blood circulation.

8- US biologist Wallace J. Nichols says seawater is the closest fluid to the content found in human blood. He states that it contains abundant useful substances such as calcium carbonate, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate. Penetrating into the skin, the seawater balances body functions in the circulatory system.

9- Sea water heals scars, it is good for eczema, hives, rash.

10- The salty water of the sea clears all sinus pathways. It is good for the upper respiratory tract. It is one of the best treatment methods for respiratory problems such as asthma and cough.

11- Swimming is one of the most important physical treatments that increase the capacity of the lungs. It also prevents the problems of not standing upright.

12- Harvard Medical School says that the biggest benefit of the day spent on the beach is to store vitamin D in our body.

13- You will listen to your body in a few hours at the seaside, and more importantly, you will have a good opportunity to stay away from technology according to the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

14- After a day at the beach, you sleep without holes. Magnesium, which is found in sea water, calms muscles and nerves and helps reduce stress.

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