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He made a hazelnut harvesting machine in his workshop


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Hasan Kum, who lives in Düzce, decided to make a hazelnut harvesting machine due to the cost problem in hazelnut. Kum made his own machine in his 150 square meter workshop.

Hasan Kum, 60 years old, engaged in the production of various agricultural machines in his workshop in Düzce Gölyaka, made a hazelnut harvesting machine with his own means.

Kum, who came to Gölyaka after living in Europe for many years and manufactured various agricultural tools and machines in the workshop he built in his garden, decided to make a hazelnut collecting machine considering the cost problem experienced in hazelnuts.

Investigating existing machines, Kum made a hazelnut harvesting machine with different methods.

"I will work for my country"

The 3-wheeled hazelnut harvesting machine, which is 170 centimeters long and 1.5 meters wide, that Hasan Kum invented in his 150 square meter workshop, takes the hazelnut into the machine and separates it from other materials with the help of pallets and picks up the sack. The machine, which Kum calls as a nature friend, allows the hazelnut to enter the sack without buying soil, branches or any other substance from the hazelnut garden.

Hasan Sand, after living in Europe for many years, "I will work for my country," he told us that he returned to Turkey.

"If there were enough inventions in our country, we wouldn't go to Europe"

Saying that people define themselves as "inventors" and that they have a normal life, Kum said:"As soon as I returned from Europe in 1994, I started to invent. We went to Europe because it was invented there. If there were enough inventions in our country, we would not go to Europe as workers. I thought that he would not go to those countries as a needy invented. I wanted our country to be an inventing country. I had this talent, I discovered it in Europe. I was told in Europe where I was invented. If you do what someone else cannot do, they call it an invention. If you think that nobody in the world thinks, it is invented. I also have that ability. We are rich in that. "

Let our businessmen come running "

Emphasizing that the inventions produced by him should now go into mass production, Hasan Kum said that he had 36 works and 17 of them were invented.

Stating that the works of his acquaintances, sofa, shoes and other projects were mentioned, 7 of his works have come to the production stage since 1994, "We are producing, we have started to sell to the society gradually, but we are not sellers, we are producers. produce, buy 'call. only of the products not to Turkey's domestic market, we want to step onto the world market. Our Business man they came running, let them take our production. We will deliver the pre-production of new inventions, "he said.

One person can collect about 2 tons of hazelnuts with 10 liters of gasoline a day using the hazelnut harvesting machine.


This machine is now above world standards "

Sharing the story of the hazelnut harvesting machine, Kum said:

"One day, I brought hazelnuts to our workers from the Southeast. I brought them to the threshing, I sold them. I gave the hazelnut worker 21 thousand liras, the money I got from the sale was 22 thousand liras. When I said "I will make a hazelnut harvesting machine," I did research and went to the masters who produced this machine. The masters made a machine that worked with the help of air, which was damaging the soil. The machine is now the No. 1 hazelnut harvesting machine in the world. "

Hazelnut producers also accepted the machine

Indicating that the machine was successful and accepted by the hazelnut producers, Kum said that there is currently demand from countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Ukraine and Spain.

"If a country like Italy wants a hazelnut harvesting machine from us, it means we have something," said Hasan Kum.

"So we made superior machines than Italy. We need to export to these countries. My budget is not suitable for this. Last year, 150 machines were requested, we could not produce them. We cannot respond on demand. In 3 years, I have made our current machine. This machine is moment on the world standards. We also overtake the Italian machine as a system. the machine can operate in rough terrain in all kinds of situations, so it can operate at 25 ramp. this machine was Turkey's recovery. "

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