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Spraying with a Helicopter


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Airborne spraying is controlled in limited areas in 22 out of 25 EU member states. On the other hand, there is a ban in Belgium and Austria and in sensitive areas in Scotland. The plant production pattern of the mentioned countries does not exhibit a structure requiring air spraying.

Airborne spraying has negative effects on environment-human and animal health and natural balance if the drug suitable for spraying technique is not administered with the right method and dose. In this context, it is very important to regulate and supervise the said application.

However, any decision to ban the transition from recognition, the facile frequent in Turkey has led to serious problems in terms of public administration and producers have created a sample approach.

It is not possible to fight from the ground in corn, cotton and watermelon fields that cannot be entered in the fields, which are still over 4 meters in length. In the event that air spraying cannot be carried out, yields and production losses of up to 40% will occur in the said products due to disease, pest and weed development.

It is not right to prohibit airborne spraying, which has been used by the manufacturer for 35 years, including 2005, in the fight against sunnah by the state itself, including 2004, without recognizing any transitional processes. Because the change of the form of struggle will be possible with structural changes in a number of areas starting from production.

The cultivation of the mentioned products by leaving the row spacing suitable for pesticide application with pesticides, the production of fine wheeled-raised tractors and pesticides and sending them to the agricultural regions, and the organization of a state support for the purchase of these and most expensive tools. business and operations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, tractor-agricultural tools and machines, producing and distributing agricultural pesticides, private sector, professional chambers, producer organizations and all relevant sectors should be discussed with the participation of a large field of study to be organized. .

Environmental and nature sensitivity is stated as a prerequisite for the Independent Agricultural Model proposed by the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers. In this context, while preserving the balance of protection and use, it is useful to emphasize scientific based approaches instead of subjective value judgments.

This approach reveals the need to produce effective pesticides for the pesticide-producing technique, to ensure that the pesticide-producing and air-producing sector acts accordingly, to implement the application in remote areas away from sensitive areas that need to be protected, and to monitor and monitor the implementation and results. The implementation in 22 of the EU member countries is also developing in this direction.

In this context, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, by removing the ban on air spraying to make the necessary preparations for a transition period; We are inviting you to make effective arrangements for air spraying and to work together with the parties to implement all of these in a participatory approach.

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