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ULTIMATE TRACTOR FAILS 2020 ★ You have never seen such a tractor accident.


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1- Things To Be Considered At The First Time
Make Vital Controls
If you have a traffic accident, the first thing you need to do is to switch off the ignition even if the vehicle is not running, and check the accident area and vehicles involved in the accident quickly to check for any injuries or fuel leaks.

If you are injured, you should urgently inform the ambulance from 112 and 154 Alo Traffic, and 110 from the fire brigade if there is a shortage of fuel or gas. If there is no injury in the accident, that is, only if the vehicles are damaged, the accident enters the status of "Material Damaged Traffic Accident".

Keep Calm and Take Necessary Security Measures
After carrying out important vital checks, you should take security measures to avoid any other accident calmly. For this, first of all, you should place reflector, reflector or illuminated sign devices that are obligatory in the vehicles, 30 m in the city and at least 100 m outside the city according to the traffic flow.

Take photos of vehicles involved in the accident
If possible, you should take photos of the accident without moving the vehicles involved in the accident from the scene, from a few different pains. These photos are very important for your insurance company to evaluate the accident. You should try to give the best visual expression to the places that will evaluate the photographs from different angles. You should especially photograph the impact areas of the vehicles. In addition to the photos, it may be useful for you to take the video record of the accident site and the vehicles involved in the accident, if possible.

Pull Vehicles to a Convenient Place
If the vehicles do not prevent them from moving, continue to the remaining operations by pulling them to a suitable area. In this way, you prevent traffic jams that have not caused a new accident and are likely to occur in the region where the accident occurred.

Photograph or Photocopy the Documents of Vehicles Involved in the Accident
Do not forget to take the license, license and insurance policy samples of the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident to give insurance companies during the damage process. It is enough to take pictures in a legible way. So you don't need to copy.

Call Police or Gendarmerie in Case of Disagreement
In the event of a dispute among the drivers involved in the accident, the police or gendarmerie should be called. However, the incoming police or gendarmerie generally only fills the accident report in case of material damage accidents. For this reason, it is the easiest solution to fill in the report by agreeing that there is no waste of time, except legal obligations. As a matter of fact, it would be a waste of time to enter a discussion because each driver wrote his own statement in this process.

* You can easily find out whether the vehicle involved in the accident has a traffic insurance or a safety deposit on our insurance inquiry page with only the TC identification number and license plate.

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