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Soil compaction, soil property

dynamic load or

the way the soil grains are arranged under pressure

it breaks down again and is closer to each other.

The cycle of formulations is equal to the porosity and void ratio

decreasing and increasing soil volume weight

(Demiralay, 1977; Allmaras et al.,

1993; Swan et al., 1994). The grains of earth

raindrops in their closer settlements

soil impact, tillage, sowing and harvesting

farm animals on the ground

The forces arising from its mobility are effective.

The degree of soil compaction with these tools and machines

Loyalty. Tools and machines are heavy or

light, soil dry or moist, coarse or fine

soil of tillage tools and machines

processing style and duration of action affect soil compaction

are factors.

Soil compaction of the plant in vegetative production

It is a physical factor that prevents its development. Made

studies have shown that 80 kPa and above soil compaction

revealed that it inhibits root growth in plants.

(Bowen and Coble, 1967; Okursoy, 1992). Godwin

(1990), although it varies for different products,

Earth resistances between 0.9-1.5 MPa (9-15 bar)

It limits root development. Similar

below 35% of the vacancy rate in the soil.

(Okursoy, 1992; 2000) and macro pores

Soil less than 10% harmful to plants

congestion occurs (Gupta et al.,

1990; Hakansson and Lipiec, 2000).

Soil compaction stated these negative sides

some agricultural activities cannot benefit

It can appear as an application. Especially

Printed seeders in article in Central Anatolia

moisture to decrease per unit volume in the seed bed in sowing

spreading, seed germination period

getting enough moisture from his brain.

In addition, in soils that lose their useful water very quickly,

pulling the base or roller after the seed is planted

Crushing jam. The purpose of this jam is,

as far as possible from the seedbed.

soil moving upward by capillary uplift

to bring it closer to the water and to ensure germination. Its

from the downpours in dry periods

to increase utilization (Munsuz, 1985).

Soil Properties Affecting Soil Compaction

The most important soil affecting soil compaction

The mixture is the moisture content of the soil. Soil texture, soil

structure and the amount of organic matter in the soil also

Its important features are (Demiralay, 1977;

Jones, 1995; Özdemir, 1998; Stiegler, 2001).

When soil moisture is too low

high viscosity of soil-water solution or soil

high cohesion of grains

energy energy is shifting to soil grains

cannot be highly effective and low to low

a jam is achieved. Soil moisture is certain

When it is increased in proportions, its energy will provide

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