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Fence Pole Installation Without Cement by GRA Service

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How to easily install a fence post * Secure Set is 10x's faster than traditional use of concrete for fence post installations. * Our proprietary formula works with Wood, Metal, Vinyl, PVC, Concrete and Fiberglass Posts. * Set it and forget it - Secure Set is designed to be environmentally friendly and extremely FAST!!! * No Water, No Mess, No Heavy Bags - Mix, Pour and Done. * Designed for Power Poles and Telephone Poles. Secure Set now available for home and commercial use 

Disadvantages of iron poles:
 It is costly and maintenance is expensive and requires care.
Iller They are not very safe against leakage currents, they are affected by weather conditions.
1.2.2. Concrete Poles
Concrete obtained by mixing cement, water and additives in appropriate proportions
It is obtained by using high strength steel wire or steel bars. Concrete and
vibration (vibration) to ensure the nonporous compatibility of the steel material
or centrifuge method is applied. Reinforced concrete poles for poles produced with this method
It called. Although the inside of centrifugal poles (SBA) is empty, poles on vibre poles (VBA)
they are full. The cross section of vibre concrete poles is rectangular, centrifugal concrete poles
cross section is circular.
The biggest advantage of reinforced concrete poles over iron poles is that in weather conditions and
they are less affected by harmful gases and vapors, especially in industrial areas. also
the amount of iron used is lower than that of the iron poles that perform the same job (60%)
saves material. Resistance of the pole to the peak forces, steel used in it
depends on the wires. Concrete poles that are not affected by nature conditions, circular cross section and conical
is done in the way. Traverses used in concrete poles and insulators are mounted.
It is made of concrete or iron.
Concrete poles can be made from 250 kg to 3500 kg depending on the peak force.
They are tapered from 8 m to 26 m in length and 50 cm in diameter, and cylindrical after this diameter
The way is done. It is generally used in medium and low voltages. Also the way
It is also used frequently in lighting.
Peak forces of centrifugal concrete poles used in medium and low voltage (Conductors
pull forces and wind forces are assumed in the same direction,
the force they create at the top is called the peak force.) 1- 1.5- 3- 5- 7- 9- 13- 17-
It is manufactured in 39 different types, 19- 23- 27- 33-35 and 36. These figures
it shows both the mast type and 1% of the mast peak force.
For example, when the 9 type pole is mentioned, the pole with a peak force of 9x100 = 900 kg is understood.
Length of concrete poles; 8- 8.5- 9- 9.5- 10- 11.5- 12.5- 13- 15- 16- 17- 19- 21- 23-
It is produced as 25- 26 m. Maximum 9.30 and 10 meters of concrete in low voltage networks
poles are used

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