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Wheat Harvest 2020 Best Drone Footage - Farm Girl VOLVO Penta Trelleborg Disc Harrow Renault trucks


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For harvesting and blending considerations

Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Provincial Director Dr.Muhammet Angin, hazelnut ta to prevent the formation of aflatoxin manufacturers should pay attention to the following explanation:

One of the important problems of hazelnut, which provides important added value for our province and our country, is the formation of aflatoxin. Aflatoxins are substances that have a strong poison and carcinogenic effect. In order for our exports to be sustainable,we do not encounter problems at the sales stage and the nuts we consume ourselves to be healthy, the following measures must be taken in the harvest and blend.

1-nuts must not necessarily be collected before the officially announced dates, must be collected after reaching harvest maturity.

2-varieties should not be mixed together during harvest, early and late varieties should be harvested separately.

3-nuts spilled on the ground should be collected without waiting.

4-The Collected zuruflu nuts should be emptied into the blend as soon as possible without causing heat in the bag.

5-hazelnut zurufu should not be poured on wet ground and soil in the blend, the blend floor should be dry, not spread more than 10 cm thick and should be mixed frequently.

6-in rainy cases, zurufun should be covered, the material to be used as a cover should be prevented from contacting zurufla.Zurufun should not be kept closed for a long time.

7-a solid pathos should be used that is well-adjusted, does not break the grain, separates it well from zuruftan and foreign matter.

8-pathosed nuts should be immediately laid in a dry blend, grain nuts should be mixed every 3-4 hours to dry thoroughly.

9-dried nuts should be selected with a fan and manually, and empty, broken, Rotten nuts and zuruf residues in it should be removed.

10-dry inner hazelnut humidity should not be more than 5%.

11-dried nuts should not be bagged in hot condition.Bagging should be done early in the morning or late in the evening.

12-dried nuts jute, etc. sacks should be kept in a warehouse with a wooden floor without forming high piles.

13-if bagged nuts will not be offered for sale, precautions should be taken against warehouse pests for storage locations.

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