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ILLINOIS (John Deere) Megacosechadora - Documentales


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A corn plant is a crop that is easy to harvest, especially when the appropriate seed is selected. For this reason, it is quite preferred by farmers and its production is carried out more compared to other plants.

When it is time to harvest the corn plant, the stem, leaves and tables of the plant completely dry and brown. It is understood that the cob melons dry out when it is time to harvest corn for the grain product, the grain hardens and gets its normal color, where the grain is connected to the semester, the formation of a black spot. As the black spot begins to appear, the dane begins to wait for the harvest time by throwing moisture. If 3 of every 4 grains taken from the middle parts of the corn cob have black spots, it means that the corn has completed its maturation. This circuit in which corn harvest can be done is also called the harvest maturity circuit.


If the product obtained after harvest is moist, it is necessary to dry it before storing corn. If storage after corn harvest is to be done for less than 6 months, it should be dried to 15% humidity. If storage is to be carried out for a longer period of time, the humidity should be reduced to 13% -14%. Drying temperature varies depending on the area of use of corn.

Whether for seed, forage or any non-seed use, proper corn harvesting is decisive for the yield and quality of the product.

For all questions about corn cultivation and appropriate seed selection, you can contact your DeKalb Regional Representative or get detailed information about corn harvest by calling the 444 9449 DeKalb yield line.

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