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The famous clone sheep Dolly's death was not because it was a clone as thought for years.
Since 1996, the year when Dolly sheep was cloned from body cells, biotech has been advancing with great strides. Dolly, who died at the age of seven, considered young for a sheep in 2003, was predicted to be the cause of premature death from a clone. However, new research has revealed that this prediction is not correct.

This whole story can be traced back to a single lecture summary, which briefly mentioned osteoarthritis in Dolly's left knee, which appeared when he was only five and a half years old. Sheep typically live between about 10 or 12 years old; When Dolly died before the age of seven, scientists thought his premature death and early onset arthritis were somehow related to animal cloning. In the end, Dolly was admitted to have died as a result of cloning.

New research published in scientific reports revealed that Dolly's health complications were not the result of cloning, and Dolly's worn joints were normal.

Biologists began to suspect this last year, following a study of sheep between the ages of four and eight who were bred from the same clonal line as Dolly. The researchers found signs of mild osteoarthritis in three of the sheep and one of moderate osteoarthritis. Study of these animals, known as "Nottingham Dollies," suggested that these particular clones were aging normally and that Dolly was some kind of anomaly.

In short, the clone sheep Dolly died of natural causes.

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