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10 Extreme Dangerous Operate Heavy Logging Trucks in Forests, Big Hauling Timber Truck Driving Skill


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Axe: cutting, splitting, chipping, etc. wood handle used in jobs, steel tool,
Longitudinal (cut to length): from marked places to the length of round wood
division into parts in the perpendicular direction,
Snag: the body is in the process of expanding by creating an annual ring each year and making a diameter volume
a structure formed by embedding branches or branch protrusions into the trunk wood,
Puller: tilting trees tilted to the opposite side of the tilting direction, the way of the tilted trunk
along with rope and reel devices for pulling to the edge, lowering the trees
used and man-powered pull device,
Tilting intersection: starting from the opposite direction of the side where the tilting cavity is opened, the tree
cutting in the direction of tilting,
Tilting cavity: about 45º at a depth of 1/5-1/3 of the diameter of the tree on the cutting line
a wedge-shaped structure that opens in the direction of tilting with the angle of the mouth,
Curvature: the orientation of the tree trunk in any direction, deviating from linearity,
Industrial product: log, wire pole, mine pole, industrial wood, paper wood, lifyonga wood and Wood expressed as pole,
Trunk press: cutting topple planted trees that are likely to split during tilting
just above the place to be done, wind and snow toppled trees near the bottom is a suitable
a tool for compressing by surrounding it,
ISCO: International Classification of Professional Standards,
OHS: Occupational Health and safety,
Wedge: for easy tipping of the tree and keeping the tipping direction under control
tilting cutting specially prepared wood or metal parts that are nailed to the cutting line,
Personal protective equipment( PPE): employee, resulting from work carried out, health
and worn by the employee, protecting against one or more risks affecting safety,
all tools, tools, equipment installed or held, designed for this purpose, and
Taper: diameter decrease from Root to tip in trees,
Fiber curl: the deviation of fibers from linearity along the tree trunk, a small or large
by forming an angle, the spiral shape is gathered around the body,
Motorized chain saw: it takes its drive from the engine and is placed on a llama
cutting the chain cutting machine,
RISK: loss, injury or other harmful consequences caused by Danger
SAPIN: turning large-diameter logs and tilted trunks in lowering the Based tree,
he rolled over and surutulm in loading, unloading, etc. tool used in jobs,
TAHRA: a kind of curved pruning knife,
Danger: an employee or workplace that exists in the workplace or may come from outside
potential for damage or damage that may affect,
Danger area: twice the height of the tree around the tree to be cut at the tree cutting site
area with a diameter of up to,
Log: round wood with a diameter of at least 19 cm and a length of at least 150 cm,
Round trunk Wood: after the tree topples, the whole branch along the trunk, ur and
cylindrical structure obtained after cleaning from bulges,

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