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Even with the information we have today, we are not at the level of analyzing multivariate data correctly and predicting what will happen. Multivariate systems are structures in which more than one factor acts on any expression. For example, we can understand what a piece of DNA means, but we can't clearly reach the common genes that act on skin, eyes, and hair color. We know the causes of flu, ulcers, and fever, but in urban sociology, we don't know where the turmoil that human relationships can drag people begins and ends. For example, the construction of the Park Hotel in Gümüşsuyu, which lasted for many years, where workers died, floor permits were questioned, does not attract the collective reaction of people, while the answer of how the events of gezi Park revolted the entire country is unknown.
The most sensitive and close to us among multifactor systems are the relations between agriculture and other structures. Among these questions, What is the highest level of yield that agriculture can reach? How many people can agriculture feed on earth is another unanswered question. We don't know the answers to these questions, and we travel to the limits of ecology to learn the level that nature would say enough by pushing the deadly level. The question is whether the supply of food and Clean Water Resources, global warming, housing, and industrial raw material resources will be depleted.
Agriculture, Forest and marine ecologies are undoubtedly the backbone of life. Wherever there are two or more dimensions, chemistry, physics and mathematics can be mentioned, while in a place where there is no life, it is difficult to talk about biology. Biology can only be mentioned on Earth when no sign of life outside of Earth has yet been discovered. Ever since the world began to be reformed by humans, it has become interested in multivariate pastoral problems. In other words, human beings took on the agricultural production process and took on a great responsibility for breeding wildlife, streams, pastures, fields, forests. Land use, soil fertility, clean water use; direct; rainfall and wind; indirectly under human control and binding decisions. However, agricultural engineers cannot graduate with mental, basic and social knowledge that can control this structure.
As nature lays before us the most complex proofs in its many variable calculations, we load the smallest piece of science on the backs of different scientists. Then we try to put it together under the name of multidisciplinary studies. But when inefficient systems are left on their own, nature uses a lot of data and heals its wounds. It is possible to solve complex calculations only by monitoring natural environments. Geometry, air, land and watercraft, energy and flow systems, structures, dynamics of Agriculture, etc.b. many facts are information obtained by studying nature. For this reason, natural life forms, rainforests, wildlife forms, nitrogen, phosphorus and other important elements and energy flow pyramids should be left to themselves so that we can watch it when we need it. The most useful thing these days is the flow of energy between living forms; biological decay and Reproduction, Development and growth.
Succession is the development of advanced plants in a non-soil area, that is, to reach the upper level. It is the fact that organisms are broken down by decomposers after death, creating a food source for other living things. It is the key to the continuation of life. But in agricultural production, organic nitrogen is lost by oxidation by burning stubble, and the nitrogen needed for agricultural areas is tried to be supplemented with inorganic nitrogen. Fertilizer and soil organic matter are the cause and effect that keeps the balance between Hunter and Predator. In other words, by withdrawing biological nitrogen from the natural system and throwing it into the top layer of the sky, the return can only be done by lightning and the activity of a limited number of symbiotic bacteria. But when one of the rings in the Life chain of the fertilizer, plant, animal, decomposing energy cycle is damaged, we need a solution by burning the stubble, that is, oxidation. Closing the deficit with oxidation, we do not know today the questions that will occur when completing the deficit with inorganic fertilizer.
As agricultural engineers, we learn and teach our students agricultural production solutions that will ensure that the food needs of the growing human population are met in a balanced, healthy and economic way. In terms of animal production, the most accurate and easy way to do this is pastures, but crop production restricts the size of pastures, and since pastures are also free resources, heavy grazing first loses their flavor and yield from the point of view of animals. On the other hand, the founders of grazing science are imprisoning shepherds with 10 thousand years of professional experience in cities with settlement policies. We have breeding our native animal breeds with the highest yield strength in limited climate and flora conditions in order to provide the highest yield in fertile conditions. So, if we encounter a famine or natural disaster, which animal breeds will we aim to feed on.
As I mentioned above, achieving the results of multi-factor-managed problems is not within our knowledge today. But we have also forgotten that we have achieved today's knowledge by imitating nature. We developed ships inspired by fish, planes inspired by birds, but we can't reproduce nature inspired by nature. If we lose the seed, the egg, the fetus, we lose it. No need to rediscover fire. It is not possible to feed in a living environment suitable for our settlement policies. But we can live as a inhabited community at one edge of the chain of life, where the flow of energy from microbes to higher organisms occurs. But we have the appropriate knowledge for this. Tomorrow, maybe we can solve more complex problems than nature solves and develop more functional organisms. Only then can we dictate to nature the way we want to live. But neither time nor place is there.

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