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Super cannon at Carbid Convoy Keet 1870 in Oosternieland.


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Name of the experiment: Compression of air

Purpose of the experiment: to see that gases can be compressed more than liquids

Tools and Materials Used:

1) Unused injector

2) Water

Experimental Procedure :

1) Cover the tip of the syringe with your finger.

2) Push the plunger of the injector forward.

3) Pull water into the injector. Try to push the plunger forward by closing the tip of the syringe with your finger.

Evaluation Questions:

1) Did you easily compress the air or water inside the injector?

2) If there was another gas in the injector instead of air, could you push the piston? Discuss.

Result of the Test: As can be seen in the experiment, air can be easily compressed. Other gases, like air, can be easily compressed. The volume of a gas whose temperature is constant is inversely proportional to the pressure applied to the gas. As the pressure applied to the gas increases, the volume of the gas decreases.

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