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Safe working


The Hydraulic Lock Switch on the control console locks the hydraulic systems of the picking units and basket controls while the cotton picker is in road position.


In this way, the collecting units and basket are prevented from moving accidentally while the machine is on the road.


 All controls are located on the console to the right of the operator's seat. This console is integrated into the seat and moves back and forth with the seat. Multi-functional control lever, three-stage hand throttle, controls for lubrication, moisturizing, compression, discharge systems and all other controls are collected on this console.



Patented collection system


Case IH Cotton Express 420 model has a capacity of approximately 3,856 kg with a capacity of 32.5 m³.


It is possible to stop the unloading at the desired point and continue with the other trailer since the unloading is done laterally with the elevator on the floor, not in the form of tilting.

Unloading the basket by raising it in the upright position maintains the machine balance and provides less tension on the machine frame and tires.

Powerful Fan Flow ...

CASE IH Cotton Express 420/620 cotton pickers have 2 fans. Thus, a strong vacuum effect is created.


Cotton collected by each drum is freed from most of the trash in the drum with a separate and high flow air flow. Thus, cleaner cotton is delivered to the basket.

The powerful air flow blown individually to the drums converges at the bottom of the drums and provides high-speed, lossless delivery of cotton to the basket.




 Thanks to their flexible structure, it perfectly adapts to the spindles and completely fulfills the cleaning and moistening processes. The brush column can rotate outwards, thus allowing much faster and easier maintenance and cleaning operations.


Scrapers ...

 The patented scrapers used in CASE IH cotton pickers are made of durable white Dura-CleanTM material. Since the microscopic particles resulting from friction are completely round (spherical), they are easily cleaned from the fibers during ginning. In addition, they do not create any pollution due to their white color.





 Spindles with patented notch design collect with high quality and high efficiency.


There are 14 notches on the spindle.

The first 3 notches on the spindle tip have an angle of 30 ° and allow the spindle to enter the cocoon easily without damaging the fiber, and the cotton is easily scraped off the spindle by the doffer.

The remaining 11 notches, with 45 ° angles, ensure that the cotton in the cocoon is taken onto the spindle without being torn off and conveyed to the scrapers without falling.

Patented spindles ...

Each drum has 12 spindle columns, each spindle column has 18 spindles.

Thus, each drum has 216 spindles, and each collecting unit has 432 spindles.


This is the cotton

1728 spindles in 4-row machines,

2160 spindles on 5-row machines

On 6-row machines it means that it is collected by 2592 spindles.


Patented collection system


 Thanks to this feature, it is collected with high efficiency without leaving cotton on the plant and without the need for a second pass under heavy conditions (in high yield fields where the yield is over 400 kg).


Patented collection system

Thanks to the patented spindle-drum design, it is ensured that the spindles penetrate deeper into the plant and completely envelop the plant right and left. Thanks to its long column length, cotton on tall plants is easily collected in high yielding fields.



Patented collection system ...


 Cotton rows are placed between two picking drums, and the cotton is collected from both sides on both sides. This system provides more efficient access to each cocoon on the plant.


Occlusion sensors ...

 Collecting unit clogging sensors instantly notify the operator of the cotton accumulations that occur with fast and accurate warnings, before the clogging occurs. There is no risk of misleading the operator with false warnings. The performance monitor to which the sensors are connected is extremely simple and very easy to use.





 The brushes (moisturizing pads) and brush holders used in the collection units of the CASE IH cotton pickers are individually replaceable. The brush holders are made of high-strength plastic and their impact resistance is increased 3 times. Brush holders are also individually replaceable.


Fast and Safe Unloading ...

 In CASE IH cotton pickers, the basket is raised upright and unloaded.


The axis of the center of gravity does not change, the machine balance is not disturbed.

Therefore, it is unloaded without the risk of tipping over even on slopes.

The discharge height can be varied between 2.8 m - 3.65 m.

In this way, it is possible to unload the cotton in the basket into trailers and trucks of different heights.


Automatic greasing system ...


 Standard on CASE IH Cotton Express 420/620 cotton pickers

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