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MONSTER Engine Cold Starts


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Experts have made recommendations to prevent drivers who have difficulty operating their vehicles on cold winter days from freezing their vehicles and not working.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Sivas Provincial Vice President Mechanical Engineer Sebahattin Dağüstü, AA correspondent in a statement, falling air temperatures up to minus 35'lerin the vehicles prevented the operation, he said.

In order to prevent freezing and non-working vehicles, heavy tonnage vehicles such as trucks and trucks should be run every two hours at night and cars should be idled for at least two times a day for 10 minutes, he said. Citizens in cold weather heavy vehicles to work under the fire to draw attention to the mountain, he said:

"This process is applied both to heat the oil and to solve the freeze in the diesel filter, but it is a very inconvenient method. Here, large vehicles must be kept in closed garages. If there is no such possibility, antifreeze joining the diesel should be used or hot air blowing. In order to avoid freezing and not working, it is necessary to get up every two hours at night and start the car idling for 10 minutes.

Again, in vehicles with air brakes, the danger of freezing in these vehicles can be prevented by adding alcohol to the air tanks or by using air dryers and air superheater devices. Car drivers also have to start their vehicles at least twice a day, which will prevent freezing. This process is also important in terms of charging the battery and not reducing its intensity. Because in cold weather, the density of electrolytes in the battery necessarily decreases. It does not give the desired performance. Therefore, the vehicles need to start idling for about 10 minutes.''

- It also affects the location and shape of the car's parking-

Parking of vehicles and also the way to work, it was stated that among the factors that affect who Dagustu, vehicles, the direction of the Wind, see the sun, should be parked in consideration of issues such as stressed.

"Seeing the Sun of the vehicle's engine accelerates the warming and prevents it from freezing, as well as makes it easy to operate," said Dağüstü, who noted that the engine's exposure to the wind will cause the vehicle to not work. A car stuck right in the north attracts the cold, freezes and becomes difficult to operate. For this reason, the engines of the vehicles should be parked in a way that faces south, not North," he said.

Among the important reasons why the vehicles do not work is that the batteries are weak and lose the ability to start, said Dağüstü,:

"The electrode density inside the battery must be high and the battery must be fully charged. Citizens usually go and buy a new battery in winter when the battery runs out. This is not the right method. September-October the battery needs to be renewed. Battery life is also important. Don't expect much from a battery that has filled 4 years.

If the batteries are replaced in winter, the battery density decreases again, as the charging time is less when the car is running, and the ability to hold the charge decreases. So there is no use changing the battery in winter. Even if zero batteries are installed in winter, it is again seen that the vehicles do not work in the morning. Because the use of the car in winter is small, the less the battery will be charged.''

Diesel vehicles in order to facilitate the operation of the air inside, heating glow plugs that remind the mountain, "diesel vehicles open the ignition and do not start directly. Glow plugs are expected to heat the air. After the warning light in the cockpit goes out, the starter is pressed. After this process is repeated two or three times, the vehicle should be started by lightly marshalling. In diesels, this is quite important. If the car is not running, there is no point starting for a long time, because the movement of the Pistons in a cold way increases the wear on the engine, which is harmful to the engine," he said.

- "Use 5-30 full synthetic oil in winter"-

Dağüstü, who stated that the vast majority of vehicles in Turkey are imported, said that Turkey's seasonal bands do not match the countries where these vehicles are produced. Engine oil is also effective in freezing the vehicle noted Dağüstü, high fluidity in winter 5-30 full synthetic oil should be used, he said.

"These oils are numbered 20-50, 10-40, 5-30," Dağüstü said, recalling that there are oils produced according to certain standards found in the engines of vehicles, whether diesel or gasoline. Oils that do not disturb the fluidity property should be used in cold weather. Now that the winters are very difficult, 5-30 oils should be used. But in Turkey, 10-40 is usually used. Choosing the right oil is 5-30 fully synthetic oils. In this case, the engine wear is also minimized," he said.

Mountain top emphasized that the use of reinforcement cables to operate the freezing vehicle in winter and the methods of pushing and "hitting" also cause serious damage to the vehicle, and should not be preferred.

- "Do not gas an idling vehicle"-

At the beginning of the most important mistakes used very often by citizens is the introduction of gas to an idling vehicle, he said.:

"We see some of our citizens gas in an idling vehicle. We can see that the engine is given a high rate of gas and increased to high speeds. This is also a very inconvenient and dangerous situation.

Because running the engine at idle high speeds causes wear acceleration and tires the engine. Because the engine is cold, switching to high revs in an engine that is trying to heat up accelerates mechanical wear. This is a very common thing. 'If I give it a lot of gas, the engine will heat up faster,' there is a wrong thought.

An engine that does not produce power does not heat up quickly. After a minute or two of idling, walking will allow the engine to heat up faster and reach a more efficient temperature. Even athletes open up muscles by doing cultural physical movements before starting to run.''

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