Winter in Northern California has arrived! Things are slowing down on the farm which gives up a some time to fix equipment and do some fun projects.

Today we worked on my dad’s Model L Case for a little while, and I took care of my chickens.

ALSO Next week is Farmer 2 Farmer by Farmer’s Business Network. You can get a FREE ticker by using code “TARA” Hope to see you there!

A handful of people have been asking for a mailing address for me. I’ve decided to attach it below!
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Hey everyone!
I’m Tara, formerly known as Beaver Vineyards. I’m a 29 year old, 5th generation farmer in Northern California. This channel is all about my journey back into farming and learning the ropes. I grow grain crops with my dad, I planted my very own vineyard in 2018, I'm a bit chicken obsessed, and NOW (as if I wasn't busy enough) I created, and host, Field Trips!

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    you're great, Sir.

  • Steve Owen

    They made darn good gaskets back in those days. Lol. Iv got a 1923 McCormack 1530 that my dad did a lot of clearing with on our 2000 acre farm here in West Oz back in the 50s She also is on spud wheels and has a winch operated blade on her. She was running when he parked her over on a fence line, The graveyard. Last year i pulled her over to the sheds and am about to start work on her. She is still in pretty good knick considering she hadn’t moved for fifty five years. Also have a 22 REO Speedwagon my great grandpa bought new back in the day. She is all complete and still runs. Hasnt ever been repainted so she is showing her age.
    We run a mixed farming operation, 4000 sheep, eighty herefords, and wheat , barley, oats triticarle, and lupins. I really admire you for doing such a male dominated type of work, Good onya girl.