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New Combines Tires VS Tracks


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com:we run 2 big JD combines in beans, last year was a very wet fall.. one combine we left with duals, but it as the combine that got stuck, and also you just didn't try to go anywhere questionable.  We put some great big fat tires on the other combine...had them on for about a day, weren't much better, then got a set of tracks.. the combine also had rear wheel assist. I wont say that it can go though "anything" but if its wet enough to get that thing stuck, you probably shouldn't be out in the field, no tractors/wagons or semi's would be able to be in the field that's for sure.  I'm with someone else who said fill the grain tank on those, put some weight on em. I don't see this test as really showing a whole lot.


The Fox Shop they didn’t fill the grain hoppers up because they know dam good and well they’ll tip over,,,, years ago family up the road from us had to bring in the harvest alone without the husband because he died,,,,we all offered to help his widow wouldn’t except any help,,, her and her 14-year-old boy decided they do it,,,, they were told to wait till it dries out a little bit,,,well they went out any way when it was too wet and they got their combine stuck,,,, one of them went back to get the tractor to pull the other one out,,,,well the combine flipped over and I think you know the rest,,,,,I won’t go into the details........



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