McCormick Deering No. 50 - AW hay baler with Farmall CUB tractor engine Antique power. Part 2

This part 2 of trying out this old baler, baling hay for the first time. The plunger is still a bit stiff so we could not go really fast. We did not bale much as the wire grippers were rather worn and we kept missing bales.

This baler is a McCormick-Deering No. 50-AW Pickup Baler. Powered by a International Harvester, Cub tractor engine. By the engine code this is a 1952. This is a wire baler, the twine version was a 50-T. I do believe that these were made from 1944 to 1952, so this one was on the tail end of things.
I picked up this old haybaler at a local tractor show, the Threshermans Reunion in Pontiac, Ill. It was in the traders row, a local scrap man evidentially brought it in. I am glad he thought it was too good to junk. It was in good looking shape, not all rusty, engine free, plunger was about stuck in place. It looked like it had not run in, who knows 30 + years. Well don't know if I got took but $575.00 later it was mine.
It does not have an electric start so we had to hand crank it. Please check my other videos for more on this baler. The part 1 video got lengthy as it just did not want to start.
I hope you all enjoy.
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