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Spare tire stump pulling


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9 effective ways to dismantle old motives

Over time, trees planted in the country inevitably age, become sick, degenerate, or cease to conform to the design. It's easy to cut, but not everyone can dismantle the motives in the area, more precisely, not everyone knows how to do it correctly.
Cleaning a lot of trees and shrubs is a long and laborious process. Of course, you can pay professionals and admire the work of technology, but the cost of this will be quite high. Let's consider the main ways to get rid of excessive natural elements in the region.
Mechanical rooting logs
Uprooting trees and stumps is a highly profitable business, so it's easy to get equipment into your home and find experts in any area who are ready to solve the problem of stumps in a matter of hours.
Stump chopper
The stump grinder is a large mill that turns wood into sawdust. Their size is comparable to the garden wheelbarrow, so the chopper is easy to deliver anywhere on the site and does not damage adjacent pylons. It works not only in the soil parts of the stumps, but also in the underground parts at a depth of 30 cm.

Unfortunately, there are fewer quality grinders on the market, so not all firms can offer such a service. It is also expensive to remove the stumps of trees that do not allow root growth.
Earthmoving machines
With the help of special equipment, you can dig stump: an excavator, manipulator or bulldozer. But these advantages only work with the biggest stumps, but there are significantly more downsides.

First, the operation of such equipment is always very expensive, and the logs will only turn out to be “gold”. Second, a car this big can't get into every zone - doors and doors may not just be designed for that. And finally, even in the dry season or winter, these machines do a lot of damage to the soil and leave only lumps from the grass.
Therefore, it is good to use such equipment at the stage of site preparation for construction, or if there are a large number of large logs in the area and will not be able to cope with them.
Stump cleaning manual methods
If you only have a few stumps on a site, you're confident in your ability and you're not prepared to pay extra for what you can do for yourself, you'll come to the aid of proven methods of manually removing motives.
Removal of tree stumps by fire
If you have unlimited time and firewood, and your neighbors are loyal to the smell of smoke, you can turn your stumps into a selective fertilizer - wood ash.+

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