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Amazing 5 Most Expensive Tractors In The World


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Tour the Steiger 500 Quadtrac with CVTDrive

Two exclusive Case IH technologies — Quadtrac five-axle track design and the new CVTDrive continuously variable transmission — combine to offer producers a wide range of possibilities to maximise opportunities in their field and for their operation. Take a closer look at exactly what goes into the Steiger Strong features that open up new paths to profit for you — right down to the paint job.
  • CVTDrive

    The first articulated high-horsepower four wheel drive tractor with a continuously variable transmission. Available in 10 configurations with up to 558 peak horsepower.
  • Intuitive CVTDrive Controls

    An integrated split-throttle control on the MultiFunction Handle allows the engine to work throughout its entire range to achieve the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Once the operator sets the desired speed, the CVTDrive automatically selects the most efficient transmission range for the desired load — eliminating the need for clutching and shifting.
  • Bright lights

    Available LED lighting packages provide daytime visibility during nighttime field work, improving productivity and safety at the end of a long day. High-visibility LED marker signals increase visibility to other vehicles when operating on the highway or side roads.
  • Factory-integrated precision technology

    Built directly into every Steiger tractor, Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) components, including the AFS Pro 700 display,AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance and AFS AccuTurn**, deliver intuitive precision farming solutions that reduce waste and increase efficiency year-round.
  • Tri-point oscillation

    Tri-point oscillation provides the perfect mix of strength and balance when transferring power to the ground, from tillage and planting to nutrient placement and land leveling. Better yet, it’s engineered into every Steiger tractor.
  • Exclusive track technology

    Some equipment trends come and go, but producer feedback continues to prove that interest in tracks has never been stronger. The Steiger Quadtrac features four individually driven, positive drive, oscillating tracks. Each track puts five axles on the ground so it can bend and flex gracefully, maintaining constant contact with the ground for a better ride, optimal ground pressure, superior flotation and better traction.

    Tour the Steiger 600 tractor with powerdrive powershift

    This is the machine that sets Case IH apart from all the rest. The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory proved the Steiger 600 with PowerDrive powershift transmission leads the industry in power. Yet, take a closer look at the features and details, which, in combination with efficient horsepower, drive lower total cost of ownership and make producers Steiger Strong.
    • Proven engines

      The Case IH FPT engine has passed every challenge and is built with efficiency in mind. Case IH FPT 8.7-L and Case IH 12.9-L engines incorporate patented fluid-saving SCR-only technology for greater productivity and lower operating costs that produce more power using less fuel.
    • Powerdrive powershift technology

      The time-tested and fluid-efficient PowerDrive powershift does more than just shift gears. With the latest Steiger enhancements, it takes 20 percent less time to shift from first gear to 16th gear, saving you fuel, lowering operating costs and reducing fatigue. And during shuttle operation, a producer can change direction 38 percent faster than before.
    • Standard advanced steering system

      The Case IH Advanced Steering system that gives an operator smoother and more precise control of the tractor and implement at every speed now comes standard on every Steiger tractor. Transitioning between roading and field operations is easier. And unlike previous systems that required four full side-to-side-turns for field applications, this system only requires 3 1/2 turns.
    • Structural steel fuel tank

      Every Steiger fuel tank is made of durable structural steel, unlike competitive offerings. This important design difference adds additional weight and strength to the Steiger chassis.
    • Quality paint goes the distance

      What’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside when it comes to equipment resale value. The Class 6 automotive paint found on all Steiger tractors is proven to last four to six times longer than paint that had previously been used, providing greater resilience to harsh UV sunlight for a long-lasting finish.
    • Standard heavy-duty axles

      All Steiger tractors feature massive heavy-duty axles that can carry up to 30,000 kilograms of gross vehicle operating weight. These enormous axles are 5.5 inches in diameter with 18-bolt hubs and also feature unparalleled braking and hydraulic pressure for feel and modulation. It all adds up to greater strength and durability.
    • Most powerful wheels on the market

      It’s one thing to produce a lot of horsepower. The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory proved the Steiger 620 wheeled tractor does that better than any other and the Steiger 580 set the second-highest drawbar fuel economy ever recorded. But, what really matters, and where the Steiger lineup excels, is moving this industry-leading power efficiently throughout the tractor and, ultimately, to the ground and implement being pulled. Superior tractive capabilities using automatic differential locks reduce slippage in difficult field conditions.

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